Attack in Moscow, the daughter of Alexander Dugin, Putin's ideologist, died in the explosion of her car

In Darya Dugina's car, which exploded while driving along the highway, there should also have been her father, who, however, would have taken another vehicle at the last moment

  Darya arrived Darya Dugina was 30 years old Photo Video

Attack in Moscow late yesterday, where Darya Dugina, the 30-year-old daughter of Putin's ideologist Alexander Dugin: the car he was traveling in exploded. New explosions in Kherson. Russia accuses Kiev of using chemical weapons. Austria summons the Kremlin ambassador to Vienna, who on Twitter wrote 'No mercy for the Ukrainian people'. The UN calls for the unblocking of exports from Russia of unsanctioned food. - Photo | video | video 1 | video 2 | video 3

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FLY SHOCK - The focus on the conflict shifts to Moscow, where Darya Dugin, 30-year-old daughter of Alexander Dugin, considered the ideologist from which Vladimir Putin's policies draw inspiration, died late yesterday evening. The Land Cruiser Prado in which the woman was traveling blew up along the Mozhayskoye highway, not far from the village of Bolshie Vyazemy. According to reports in the Daily Mail, her father should also have been in the car, but at the last minute he took another vehicle. The police hypothesize that a bomb was placed on board: in that case it is reasonable to think that it was placed precisely to hit the philosopher. On several social videos the Land Cruiser appears in flames on the side of the road. And we see Alexander walking to the scene with his hands on his face in despair.

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WAR FRONT - But the evening was also bloody in Ukraine, where three explosions were reported near the village of Chornobaivka, in the Kherson region. According to the Tass agency, the Russian-installed mayor of Mariupol, Konstantin Ivashchenko, emerged unharmed from an attempted murder near the city's zoo. The Kremlin accuses Kiev of using chemical weapons: “On July 31, Russian soldiers in action in the Vasilyevka area, near Zaporizhzhia, were hospitalized with signs of poisoning. After careful analysis, traces of poisonous substances were found in their bodies, in particular botulinum toxin type B ”. One of the possible victims, for the Moscow defense ministry, is Vladimir Saldo, head of the pro-Russian provisional government in the Kherson region, hospitalized in intensive care for what until now seemed to be the consequences of Covid. As has happened since the beginning of the conflict, Kiev denies and overturns the accusations, claiming that the invaders used weapons prohibited by international conventions. Then he takes stock of Putin's losses: “Russia has lost about 44,900 soldiers in Ukraine; more than 200 in the last day 'is what the Ukrainian General Staff writes on Facebook.

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BUFFERO ABOUT THE AMBASSADOR - The Russian ambassador to Vienna, Mijail Ulianov, was summoned by the Austrian government for tweeting 'No mercy for the Ukrainian people'. Words of condemnation arrive from the Vienna foreign ministry: 'We are outraged by the inhuman declarations of the permanent representative of Russia and by his attempts to contextualize what cannot be contextualized'. In a video message at the Rimini Meeting, the President of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola attacks Russia: “We live in times of uncertainty and incredible challenges. After two years of pandemic, Putin has waged an illegal war against independent and sovereign Ukraine. Russian bombs have killed indiscriminately, the army raped Ukrainian women and millions of Ukrainians have been forced to flee their country. This is the time when we must remain even more united. Unity and cooperation are our only way forward because democracy must triumph over authoritarianism '.

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UNLOCK RUSSIAN EXPORT - Antonio Guterres, UN secretary general, launches an appeal to unblock exports of 'Russian food and fertilizers that are not subject to sanctions. It is important that all governments and the private sector cooperate to bring these products to market. Getting more food and fertilizers from Ukraine and Russia is essential to further calm commodity markets and lower prices for consumers. ' Serghei Shoigu, minister of defense of the Kremlin, finally defines the idea of ​​banning the issuing of visas to all Russians as 'Nazi': 'Today we are witnessing another vivid manifestation of Nazi politics, with the Russophobic idea actively promoted by high European officials to ban all Russian citizens from entering EU countries. The marches of the SS legionaries have become traditional in Estonia and Latvia, monuments and obelisks to war criminals are erected. Nazi slogans and appeals resound openly on the streets of Lithuanian cities ”.