Aurora Ramazzotti is pregnant with her boyfriend Goffredo Cerza: the child will be born in January

A pregnancy test in early August in Sardinia. Now the gossip bouncing louder and louder. And while mum Michelle says goodbye to GiovannI Angiolini, her daughter is ready to make her a grandmother. Waiting for denials. Or, even better, of confirmations

 aurora-ramazzotti-goffredo-cerza-pregnant Aurora Ramazzotti and Gofrredo Cerza, a love (between ups and downs) that has lasted for five years Photo Video

Aurora Ramazzotti is pregnant. After five years of love (with ups and downs), she and her boyfriend Goffredo Cerza thus become parents: the child will be born in January, according to well-informed proverbials. And so, here's who the pregnancy test was for ( guard ) which had suggested that Michelle Hunziker was pregnant again. Before she ended her love affair with Giovanni Angiolini - Photo | video

Aurora Ramazzotti always lets herself be pampered willingly by mum Michelle Hunziker - exclusive

FROM TEST TO CONFIRMATION - In short, now it seems that Aurora Ramazzotti, 25, will give (with her 26-year-old boyfriend) a grandchild to mum Michelle and dad Eros. And that it is this great news that has also brought her future grandparents closer together. So, at least it reports Who. That she had just told about that pregnancy test done in Sardinia and that now reveals that it was positive and that the mother is really Aurora. What's more: her and Goffredo Cerza's son will be born in January. They also say that he is a boy, although it is perhaps still a bit early to know for sure.

Aurora Ramazzotti and that pregnancy test in early August - guard

THE END OF LOVE AND THEN THE NOVELTY - Weeks of great turbulence, therefore, in the Ramazzotti-Hunziker home. As mentioned, mum Michelle has put an end to the (short) love affair with the handsome orthopedic and cosmetic surgeon Giovanni Angiolini. but now the great joy for the arrival of the first grandchild. Provided that the rumors are confirmed by those directly involved. Also because just a few days ago the same Aurora Ramazzotti had denied her pregnancy after the photos of her that portrayed her with a suspicious tummy: “Me pace magnà”, she had ironized her. Now, we await a new possible denial. Or, finally, a definitive confirmation.