Aurora Ramazzotti pregnant with Goffredo Cerza, Marica Pellegrinelli with William Djoko, Gianmarco Tamberi with his wife Chiara Bontempi and… Goodness and love triumph at the Convivio

At the charity event, which sold out for the first time (10,000 products sold), couples shine above all. But also some singles, who stand out above all for their bold look. And a decidedly out of time pair of sandals

 party-2022 Quante coppie al gala Convivio! Guarda chi c'era... Photo Video

At the closing dinner of Convivio 2022, couples triumph, that is, love. And goodness also wins: the charity event marked the first sold out of its thirty-year history (all the 10,000 products offered for sale were sold, and 1,600,000 euros were raised). The first place deserves Aurora Ramazzotti, who arrived with her tummy almost visible and her boyfriend Goffredo Cerza. Instead of 'bag' in a maternity dress, Michelle Hunziker's daughter dares a black body-hugging dress with transparent sleeves and a porthole - the technical term is 'cut out' - under the breast, to show the tattoo (an inverted rose) – Photo | video

How many famous people at the Convivio gala! Look who was there… How many famous people at the Convivio gala! Look who was there…

Aurora Ramazzotti, luxury relaxation in the mountains with Goffredo Cerza. And the tummy grows – guard

DIY MAKEUP - Aurora Ramazzotti gave abundant coverage of the charity event on her social networks, where she revealed that the trick smokey-eyes (smoky eyes) is self-produced: 'Make up by me, now I'm getting good, come on', she wrote on Instagram. Also present at the evening Marica Pellegrinelli in version fatal Woman with boyfriend deejay William Djoko, hyper casual.

Marica Pellegrinelli loves William Djoko (and the ex, Eros Ramazzotti, approves) – guard

TAMBERI INNAORATO, THE MARINO WITHOUT SILVER - On the podium of couples in love there are also the high jumper Gianmarco Tamberi with his new wife Chiara Bontempi (very elegant), Simona Ventura with Giovanni Terzi (very institutional), Giulia Salemi and Pierpaolo Petrelli, Cristina Parodi (in white, but with gloves blacks) and Giorgio Gori. Among the 'singles', just for one night or... constitution, shine Cristina Marino (also with a tummy), Barbara d'Urso (in white) and, for audacity, Paola Turani (backless), Elisabetta Gregoraci (with mini-mini skirt), Francesca Michielin (in… a bra), an athletic Melissa Satta and Alessandra Mastronardi, who wears beautiful out-of-season sandals with nonchalance and fiery red nail polish (longing for summer?).

Gianmarco Tamberi and Chiara Bontempi, all the images of the super chic wedding. And the guests are golden – guard