Baby Gang and Simba La Rue in jail. The feud of the trappers between fights, guns and stabbings

The two involved with their gang in the attack by gunfire on two Senegalese last July, in the center of Milan. However, the investigation now extends to Bregamo and the feud between trappers

  Baby gang and Simba street 1920

Baby Gang (Zaccaria Mouhib) and Simba La Rue (Lamine Mohamed Saida) define themselves as trappers, arrested at dawn in a joint operation by carabinieri and police, in reality they have a much longer criminal record than their discography. During the night between 2 and 3 July, the two are accused of having kicked two Senegalese men in via Toqueville, a few meters from Corso Como, the center of Milanese nightlife. The investigating judge of Milan Giuido Salvini signed an order in which 11 other people appear, including two minors: all of the two trappers. They are accused, for various reasons, of aggravated robbery, brawl, injuries and illegal carrying of a firearm. Also involved in the investigation are 32-year-old Eliado Tuci, Baby Gang's tour manager and personal driver and Paulo Marilson Da Silva, Baby Gang's 'Instagram Personal Manager', Faye Ndiaga, who had already been arrested at the end of July for the assault and the kidnapping of rival trapper Baby Touché. On the other hand, Mounir Chakib known as 'Malippa', manager of Baby Gang and Simba La Rue, ended up under house arrest. – video1 | video2

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The trappers' violent summer: two arrested in Lombardy, one in Sardinia - guard

THE FACTS – According to the magistrate, the attack on the two Senegalese last July 'does not appear to be a banal and impromptu brawl but an episode of serious violence and oppression originating from a gang logic and a desire to control the territory'. One of the two victims had told the investigators that the attack would have been caused by her requests to return a credit card that she had lent to a boy linked to the rival gang. In the reconstructions of the police forces, very precise thanks to the images of some surveillance cameras, Baby Gang aims a gun (which it later turned out to be fake) against a security guard who rushed to the scene of the attack, while shooting at the two Senegalese is Faye Ndiaga Faye. In the videos Simba la Rue, who a couple of weeks earlier had been stabbed in Treviolo, near Bergamo in another brawl, hits the attacked with a crutch.

ARRESTS ALSO IN BERGAMO – But the investigation is not limited only to the events of Via Toqueville. The Carabinieri of Bergamo are arresting those they believe to be the four perpetrators of the stabbing of Simba La Rue, which took place in Treviolo on 16 June. According to the police, this crime is also part of the feud between trappers. La Rue was allegedly stabbed by a 'colleague' active in the Padua area, who together with three other people is accused of attempted murder.

YOUNG PEOPLE OUT OF CONTROL – Guido Salvini, the judge of the preliminary investigations, to describe the conduct of the two trappers Baby Gang and Simba La Rue, and their gang, uses precise words that outline a situation of absolute alarm. 'It emerges - writes the investigating judge - the total abstraction from the reality in which the suspects live and act with the ego totally included in that of the gang which prevents them even from perceiving the negative value and the weight of the criminal actions carried out, however exalted in the videos and musical pieces produced by the group and disseminated via social networks, with a serious risk of imitation therefore towards other very young subjects”. And again: 'The strength of the criminal bond existing between them has certainly strengthened the criminal purpose, instigating individuals to act with ever greater violence to emerge in the group and climb the internal hierarchy'.