Barbara Alberti without brakes: 'Enough with the history of sex at the age of 80!'

The writer has something for everyone, from lovers to young people to today's feminists. And she on her relationship with Amedeo Pagani she says: 'I don't even know if we are separated or divorced'

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Barbara Alberti has something for everyone. She talks about sex, cheating, young people and lovers. Above all, she goes against the grain and provokes: “Enough with the history of sex at the age of 80. The image of two old joined bodies evokes death '- Photo | video

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MY RELATIONSHIP - The writer's new book, Amores, is about to come out with HarperCollins. Love is obviously a theme. And she, pursued by Corriere della Sera, talks about today's reports. Starting with her with Amedeo Pagani, historical film producer. They haven't been together for thirty-five years, but they still live in the same house: he is on the first floor, Barbara on the second. But she doesn't remember whether they are separated or divorced: “Indeed, just a few days ago they asked me for my marital status and then I asked him this question. He replied with a gigantic 'boh'. Now that I think about it: if we were divorced I would remember it, or at least I would remember the legal process. Maybe'. Their story, she admits, ended because she betrayed him. However, they live under the same roof: “Basically we are fine. We actually live in two separate apartments, but we get together to do things we like. To say, I read him books. Together we have re-read almost all of Steinbeck. We got hooked on Platonov. Shared reading is a form of affection ”.

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LATE LOVES - In the upcoming volume, Barbara also dwells on late loves, on which she takes a decidedly counter-current position: “We can't take it anymore. The problem is that for years we are no longer poor christs but consumers. Everything must be consumed: food, fashion, sex. And since for some time they have realized that we old people have time and - on average - more money: that's why they try to convince us to fuck. Then, for heaven's sake, everything happens. We once had two old neighbors who we believed in limine mortis, but then we found out they did it every day. First there was the confessor who asked you: 'How many times have you done this?'. And you had to say penance. Today there is the sexologist who asks you: 'How many times have you not done it?'. And if you are not in the norm, he says that you are sick ”.

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AGAINST COMMON PLACES - The writer spares no one. Starting with today's lovers, she whom she considers 'unhappy'. The reason? “People hang out with people they don't love, sleep with those they don't like and then go to the psychologist or write to me,” or her readers' column. 'Love is for the brave, everything else is a couple'. She has it for everyone. Even for young people, who, she claims, know very little about sex “because they do everything on their mobile phones. The problem is that online everything is smooth, filtered, perfect. And when young males, today, see a woman in flesh and blood, they notice only hair, stretch marks, every slightest defect. ' Finally, she is sharp with the feminists of the moment “who want us all as offended little ladies: and the difference between minister and minister, and the schwa. Real feminists were scary, they were witches and they changed the laws. Now it seems to me a triumph of respectability and useless questions ”.

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IMAGES THAT EVOKE DEATH - And about older women, he says 'they are beautiful even at fifty, sixty or seventy years old. Look at Rita Rusic, just to name. But I think this is also why men hate us: they are not ready for this evergreen model, they think they are still in the 1950s, when the last idiot in town felt entitled to beat his wife in the evening. home. He was the wife who at only forty he had to avoid wearing red or wearing make-up '. Jealousy and love, on the other hand, do not change with the passage of time, but 'nature is more lenient than advertising, there are seasons. The image of two old joined bodies does not evoke eroticism, it evokes death. I'm sick of this having to measure sex, fix it in roadmaps: gentlemen, here's how to copulate at twenty, forty, sixty, eighty years old. Each age, then, is classified with the rules to follow, as in a manual. Sex is the freest thing there is, the least controllable thing. Everyone does what he wants, but for heaven's sake, let's recover modesty '.