Bari, 17 support teachers in ten years for her autistic son: the mother withdraws him from school. “The system has failed”

The mother decided to help the child directly with his studies. And she says: “The teachers are untrained, no one knew how to communicate with him. We finally gave up.'

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The autistic son has had 17 support teachers changed in ten years. And his mother, exasperated, decided to withdraw him from school and personally follow him in his studies: “The teachers are without training, nobody knew how to communicate with him. We finally gave up.' – video

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HISTORY - It happens in Bari. The protagonist is a sixteen-year-old with non-verbal autism. His mother, Maria Grazia, told the story on social networks and on the Sportello Telebari broadcast: “Going against all principles of common sense and social inclusion, this year the boy will stay at home instead of going to school. – wrote the woman on Facebook – We surrendered to parental school. It is a defeat of the system, even before ours, but it is always a defeat. Keeping him at home to protect him from school, with much, much bitterness, but we've played too important pieces of health and mental well-being in recent years. Let's ideally toast to the 'most beautiful' inclusive school system in the world: we have given up. Good luck to those who resist.'

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THE CONTINUING CHANGES - Maria Grazia is a primary school teacher and has always followed her son's education, making sure that he participates in school life. But she found herself faced with bureaucracy: “During the elementary school period, the commitment of the curricular teachers ensured that the continuous change of support teachers was not perceived in a sensitive way, truly conceiving the school in an inclusive way; we felt the decline starting from middle school until, after the first year of high school, we chose to withdraw him from school, for his good'. There are 17 support teachers changed in ten years, however 'most of today's support teachers are teachers who do not have specific training for the activity they have to carry out. Six out of ten do not have the specialization. We are also witnessing a school in which support teachers in many cases limit themselves to the functions of carers. It can't be like this. The school needs trained professionals and not those who choose teaching as a fallback'.

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THE ADMISSIONS - To the Corriere della Sera speaks Giuseppina Lotito, director of the Puglia regional school office for the province of Bari, who admits: “We would like all support teachers to be experts. Little by little the central government is improving this ratio between non-skilled and skilled. This year 500 specialists have entered Puglia, certainly few but we are improving'. The hope is that an answer will soon be given to the combative Bari mother.