Beatrice Borromeo, princess of recycling: the second-hand (but classy) dress is controversial

Pierre Casiraghi's wife shows up at the Parisian fashion shows with an amazing look. But that is from last year. Sustainability is her watchword. But there are also those who criticize it

 beatrice-borromeo-paris-fashion-week-2023 Super chic Beatrice Borromeo at the Paris fashion shows. And it wasn't just her... Photo Video

Beatrice Borromeo hits the mark. For better or for worse. Or rather, she tickles those who applaud her, but also those who criticize her. The reason? The super chic suit worn at the Paris fashion shows (Men's fashion). It is in fact a recycled dress, from the 2021 collection. And therefore, there are those who applaud her for the 'conscious' choice; but also those who criticize it because 'it's easy to do it with a Dior haute couture 2021 garment: I too would wear it more than once' - Photo | video

Beatrice Borromeo: elegance of yesteryear in Paris Beatrice Borromeo: elegance of yesteryear in Paris

Beatrice Borromeo, what a look for the National Day! – guard

DO NOT LEAVE INdifferent – In fact, Beatrice Borromeo is truly elegant, chic, charming. Use the adjective you prefer. Because Pierre Casiraghi's wife knows what fashion means. Only this time she chooses a garment in the name of recycling. A sustainable choice, she says. It is not necessary, the reasoning goes, to change clothes every time. Especially since they are super dresses, those of Beatrice Borromeo. So? Let's lead by example. Applause. But only on one side…

Beatrice Borromeo and Pierre Casiraghi beautiful at the gala dinner. But she loses the super luxurious earring – guard

THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COIN – Yes, because if many approve of the choice, many others point out that it is easy to do with garments of such stature. Who wouldn't wear the Dior haute couture fall 2021 model sported by Beatrice Borromeo in Paris every day? Not to mention the silk voile shirt and the elegant tweed cape. And accessories handbag, beret and sunglasses. In short, this time Pierre Casiraghi's wife leaves no one indifferent.

Pierre Casiraghi and Beatrice Borromeo, the dance is very romantic – guard