Beatrice Quinta: “Do I undress? Let me decide how I want to present myself to the world'

'As a child I saw the tissue papers on TV and I said: 'I want to do that, while I sing''. Now Beatrice Quinta has grown up, she has inflamed X Factor and enjoys debunking taboos. But it hasn't always been easy: 'In high school they called me crazy'. And now she too wants to 'reprogram the brain'

  beatrice_quinta_today01 Beatrice Quinta, 23, came second on the X Factor 2022 edition, after the French Saints Photo Video

With Beatrice Quinta you never get bored. Just enough time to archive the adventure of X Factor and zac, the moral winner of X Factor (she finished second, after the French Saints) she stripped naked in the Milan subway, Brenta stop. 'Metro passengers weren't shocked,' she assures. «They were all ok, someone stopped me to tell me that they liked me on X Factor» – Photo | video 1 | video 2

Beatrice Quinta, gives X Factor alla metropolitana… naked Beatrice Quinta, gives X Factor alla metropolitana… naked

Beatrice Quinta super sensuale on pianoforte – guard

Why such a blatant gesture? 'Every time I find myself there is someone who says: 'You don't need to undress to attract attention'. This is my way of answering it: let me decide how I want to present myself to the world. I like to break boxes. I live my body well and it is the problem of others if they sexualize everything ».
Beatrice is 23 years old, is from Palermo, lives in Milan and has conquered the public with the allure of a transgressive diva, between Loredana Bertè and Lady Gaga, and a song that has a title that is a program, Se$$o.

When did you decide that you would become an artist? «At the age of six I already obsessed my mother singing with the Winx microphone. I once saw a Strip the news the veline dancing on the table and I said: “Papi, I want to do that, while I sing”. My father turned to my mother: 'Anita, put her to bed and don't let her see Striscia again.' But the real hunger to achieve something in music I had in middle school when I was never chosen for performances. I spent my life proving to those teachers that I deserved the stage.'

How was your adolescence in Palermo? «I attended classical high school, it was not an easy period, the people next to me gave me a hard time. If you don't dress like the others, you don't talk about the things that interest them, you tend to be the crazy one, the weird one, or just the whore.'

Beatrice Quinta after X Factor download Rkomi: “I want to think only of music

Really? «High school was tough because I received a lot of criticism. Didn't like how I dressed, my attitudes. Then there was a double standard: if a boy acted like me he was cool, a playboy, I was a bad guy. The first song I released was called Hi Beatrice , in the refrain I said: “You feel like a porn star because you go with drunk women”. Imagine the shock of those who listened to her: 'This is crazy'. My answer has always been: 'Yes, I'm crazy, but free'».

Did her parents support her? 'I told them everything, they repeated to me: 'It's normal that they don't understand you now, the time will come, it's not now'. It was a formative period, now I let things slide on me ».

He participated in Sanremo Giovani, in 2015. 'It was the year of Irama and Ermal Meta, they had very strong songs, they eliminated me, but I understood how I didn't want to be'.

Or? “I looked around and saw a scared little girl, and things changed from there. I got five tattoos in one day.'

When did she become blonde? “When they first broke my heart. Everything comes from a heartbreak, the greatest songs and the greatest hair changes.

In Se$$o, she sings: «If you write me your dirty things at night/I'll ​​take the subway and come to you./But don't talk to me about love/it's only sex». 'There was this guy who told me: 'We're dating, but for me it's just sex'. And I from 'underground' that I am, I wanted to be shrewd, tell him that it was the same for me too, and I dedicated this song to him. In the end we got together, because we women understand it first when there is love ».

But is it the same one who broke her heart? «Yes, it's always him, I've only had one boyfriend in my life. It was two and a half years of a real relationship, but in all five years of fuck-friendship ».

She who seems so self-confident called herself a 'underwear'. “I'm trying to deprogram my brain, but it's difficult. Then when I go on stage I sing for those people who have hurt me and I look into the camera always pissed off.

And now what happens? «I want to play live, release my songs. Dargen ( her judge on The X Factor , ed) is one of the nicest people I've met, I call him my adoptive dad, we talk every day'.

X Factor, Rkomi and the dichiarazione to Beatrice Quinta – video

We were asked not to ask about Rkomi, who had expressed his appreciation for her, but it would be a gag that got out of hand.
Was there much gossip, much ado about nothing? 'Yup'.

Is she single now? «In a happy way. I dedicate myself to my art which will never let me down».