Beatriz Alvarez-Guerra, the car ends up in the river: the actress dies at the age of 28. Comrade arrested for driving without a license

The car in which they were aboard plunged into an escarpment, falling into a river in Galicia. He managed to get out of the vehicle and tried in vain to get his partner out

 Beatriz Alvarez-Guerra Beatriz Alvarez-Guerra was only 28 years old

Beatriz Alvarez-Guerra, the Spanish actress died in a car accident in Galicia. She was only 28 years old. Her boyfriend, who was driving the car that ended up in a river, was arrested because he didn't have a license.

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THE ACCIDENT - The car they were in had taken a series of hairpin bends in Galicia. Then the actress' boyfriend, a 24-year-old, lost control of the vehicle, which crashed into the Almofrei de Cotobade river, after a ten-metre flight. He managed to save himself and tried, with some passers-by, to extract Beatriz from the passenger compartment. But in vain.

THE ARREST - In the end, the young man was arrested on charges of manslaughter: he was behind the wheel without ever having a driving licence. Beatriz, originally from Madrid, was well known in Spain for her roles in various TV series, from Time a The inocents , as far as everything to red .