Because Elizabeth of England will be queen forever

The sense of duty interpreted to the limit. The record of 70 years on the throne. The masterpiece of combining tradition and modernity. Nothing will remain the same, now that it is gone

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The first reason why Elizabeth will always be 'the queen', for which there is respectful pain in every corner of the world (even the president of Brazil Bolsonaro has proclaimed three days of national mourning), lies in the speech she made just 21 years. On the radio, when she was still a princess: 'I declare in front of you all that my entire life, be it long or short, will be dedicated to your service and to the service of our great imperial family' - Photo | video

UNDENIABLE DEDICATION - An undeniable dedication, with which she safeguarded what remained of the Empire: the community of Commonwealth countries, so dear to her. Today the desire of some of those nations to abandon the monarchy, a symbol of slavery and the repression of anti-colonial movements, is growing stronger. But if the fire has so far been contained, it is due to the respect nurtured for her, who also felt at home overseas. And so in Scotland, where almost 45 percent of the population had voted for secession (there are separatist pressures in Wales and Northern Ireland as well), many greeted the passage of the coffin for the affection they brought them. She was faithful to her service until the very last, even after the death of her beloved wife Filippo last year. Until her Majesty of her, her hands full of bruises and a touching fragility, she received the neopremier Liz Truss in the Scottish castle of Balmoral, no longer being able to move. A sense of duty taken to the extreme, say the royal watchers, could have an explanation: Elizabeth soon lost her father, King George VI, and this had made her very responsible.

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THE NUMBERS OF AN EXCEPTIONAL ROUTE - He made state visits to 117 countries, met 12 American presidents, met five popes. The first was Pius XII in 1951, when he was not yet on the throne. Hers is the longest reign in British history, having broken the record held by great-great-grandmother Victoria. She has always been there, the sovereign who has stitched together two centuries and guaranteed continuity to her country. 'Elizabeth the Constant', the historian Hugo Vickers baptized her. She princess and designated heir to the throne during the ascent to power of Hitler and Mussolini, therefore in the terrible years of the Second World War. She was the first true multi-cultural ruler, an emblem of tolerance and harmony. You have experienced the Cold War, the fall of the Berlin Wall and communism, Thatcher and the miners' strike, the advent of television and computers, and most recently Brexit.

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THE SPINE IN THE FAMILY - But it must have been more difficult to deal with the thorns in the family. Of course Diana, the only stumbling block in her long and respected career. She did not catch the wave of emotion that followed her death, staying on vacation in Balmoral. But then she admitted the mistake, at the suggestion of Prime Minister Tony Blair, and spoke to the nation that forgave her. Again: her children, with three out of four failed marriages and accusations of pedophilia against their favorite Andrea. And the grandchildren: above all the escape of Harry and Meghan across the ocean. Who knows if it has something to do with the fact that she died on one of the rare occasions when her beloved (despite everything) grandson was at home with his wife. She and she managed to reunite him with William. After two years of war, the brothers left Windsor Castle side by side, along with their spouses. To greet the subjects who had brought flowers and soft toys, together to remember her.

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SPECTATOR MORE THAN PROTAGONIST - Elizabeth went through history without ever taking part in it. She is a spectator rather than a protagonist, even in the face of her country's choices that caused bloodshed, for example in the Northern Irish conflict. You have remained faithful to the constitutional dictate of neutrality, becoming the point of reference and balance for an entire country. As her son Carlo said, in his first touching speech as a sovereign, 'you have been able to combine constant love for tradition and acceptance without fear of progress'. In short, she managed to bring together the rigor of the institutions with the new and this was her masterpiece. For example: in 1965 you made the Beatles baronets, ignoring the controversy and perhaps even the fact that John Lennon, she thought, smoked a joint in the bathroom of Buckingham Palace. As Supreme Governor of the Anglican Church, he decided to give women the opportunity to become priests. And he signed the gay wedding law. His memes bounced to the last on the Net.

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POP ICON - She will remain 'the queen', a pop icon even for the youngest ones because she made them feel accepted. She put on the 3D glasses. She logged into Zoom. She was in church at Harry's wedding to a former Netflix TV series actress, who was also divorced. She, with gray hair that could be glimpsed from pastel hats, daughter of an era of golden chariots, crown and ermine train, was a bridge between generations. Two years ago, the pandemic made us double-lock our front door, afraid even to hug our children. But she reassured everyone of her seeing her on TV. To hear her say, she who had lived through the bombings and terrorism, that better days would return, that we would be reunited with friends and families. Remembering that old wartime song, ' We’ll meet again We will meet again. Elizabeth managed to do what older people should do: give hope.

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'HE DRIVEN THE CAR AT AN ALARMING SPEED' - The nation thought it eternal, it is strange that it no longer exists. Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, in the ceremony in the House of Commons, recalled how Elizabeth loved to drive alone in the Scottish countryside and 'at alarming speed'. She didn't even need to get a driver's license, as driving certificates were issued in her name in Britain. And she also told how the queen had fun, at the time of the 2012 Olympics, when some Middle Eastern rulers had asked if she had really jumped from the helicopter with her powder pink dress, in the famous sketch of her with 007 -Daniel Craig. She is an exceptional woman, full of humor, as well as a 'great statesman and diplomat'. There will be other queens, there will no longer be another Elizabeth. To her goes the caress of the people she loves, who weeps in front of the gates of the palaces. While the world remains orphaned of the greatest of all.