Belen Rodriguez talks about the rediscovered love with Stefano De Martino: 'This time I want it to be forever'

Despite the hard rind, the presenter professes to be a softie. And she admits that she suffered a lot from the end of her marriage with the dancer. Now she is ready not to make the same mistake again, but he too must be her part of her…

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It has been almost twenty years since Belen Rodriguez she has become one of the protagonists of the gossip chronicles, but her wave does not seem destined to pass yet. From model to showgirl, she has become an entrepreneur and presenter (on January 10th she will return to television to host Hyenas , alongside Teo Mammucari). And she held court with many famous boyfriends and, above all, with the return of a great love, the one with Stefano De Martino . As he tells in an interview with F . – Photo | video

Stefano De Martino and Belen Rodriguez, a New Year's Eve of love Stefano De Martino and Belen Rodriguez, a New Year's Eve of love

Stefano De Martino and Belen Rodriguez, a New Year's Eve of love - guard

LOVES THAT MAKE THE ROUND – The couple, married in 2013, separated for the first time in 2015, a year after the birth of their son Santiago. Rodríguez and De Martino then got back together briefly in 2019 and finally, permanently, in 2022: 'This time', says the presenter, 'I want it to be forever', who in 2021 had another daughter, Luna Marí, from Antonino Spinalbese. And on the newfound love she says: “When we got together for the first time he was 22 and I was 26: we were two kids, famous to boot. We were entering a mechanism of which we had no idea. We weren't two in the couple, we were thousands: the paparazzi at the house every day, the morbidity of the people she wanted to know. I think leaving us was the most natural thing that could have happened”. And the return? “The choice is dictated by the fact that I love this person, I have always loved them and I have never stopped”.

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IT COULDN'T GO OTHERWISE – “If you try to escape from someone you love, you can't do it: you always find him in front of you – continues Belen, telling how she has never managed to go beyond the story with De Martino – I suffered a lot for Stefano. I look strong because in this world you have to build armor otherwise they'll eat you, but in my private life I'm very much a puppy'. And she says about the future: “I've always been engaged for 5/6 years, then I went back to base. And today I tell her that I would love to stay with Stefano forever, it would be a super happy ending. But I don't like it when they sit. I can not stand, for example, the phrase, which I often hear among women, 'What a ball my husband.' What balls if you think so, you have to make an effort to always be interesting for each other”.

Belen Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino, the first social bacio for a long estate of love – guard

DARK MOMENTS – The presenter also recounts the difficulty of becoming a mother, having experienced three miscarriages in her life: 'I have never told anyone but in reality I have lost three in my life: two before Santi and one between Santi and Luna . At the time I suffered from it, of course, but then I had other children so, in all honesty, I tell you that today it's not a pain or a regret. If a pregnancy does not go well it means that the fetus was not strong and for this reason it was expelled. The body is the smartest machine we have. You have to let things go.'