Belen Rodriguez, the shocking revelations: “The kidnapping and the escape from Argentina. So I saved my family”

The showgirl talks about her childhood and the dramatic episodes of her youth. Like when eight people stormed into her house and kidnapped her family. Until the excommunication and arrival in Italy, in the discos of Riccione

  belen-rodriguez-stefano-de-martino-birthday-dedicates-love-1012x506 Belen Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino. In the gallery their love story Photo Video

Belen Rodriguez, who is here to return to the guide of Hyenas with Teo Mammuccari, he recounts the hardest years of his life, those spent in his native Argentina where he was also the victim of a dramatic robbery with kidnapping. And of the excommunication for posing in costume for a newspaper: 'When the church found out about it, they excommunicated us.' Photo | video 1 | video 2

Belen Rodriguez, birthday party… in intimacy Belen Rodriguez, birthday party… in intimacy

Belen Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino, their cousin social club inaugurates the holiday: they will have a long estate of love – guard

SEVERE CHILDHOOD - The showgirl tells everything to Set of Corriere della Sera . And, in this regard, he took the excommunication as a sort of liberation: 'I saw so much fanaticism in the prohibitions and obligations such as that of donating ten percent of one's salary, which my father did'. Dad Gustavo in fact attended the Protestant church and for this reason she, Cecilia and Jeremias 'we had many prohibitions, including: it was forbidden to see television programs with worldly and non-religious content'. All she had to do was see The house on the prairie : “I identified with Laura Ingalls, the daughter who fought for justice almost always choosing the wrong solution”. And again, again due to strict religious rules, “my father didn't allow me to go dancing or to participate in school trips. Forbidden to wear short skirts, forbidden to listen to music, except religious songs. In short, I couldn't do anything, apart from attending church and taking part in religious initiatives such as excursions'.

Belen Rodriguez: a very sweet summer with Luna Marì – guard

THE DRAMATIC KIDNAPPING - Belen also recalls the kidnapping suffered in the family: “Eight of them, armed and addicted to glue. I was in the garden, they grab me by the hair and drag me inside. They tie us up, guns to our heads.' They take sheets, cups, TV, clothes. Then “they call me to the bathroom. Alone. I think: if they don't kill me everything else is fine, I can forget the rest'. But they only wanted to know the father's bank account number. They all came out alive. The previous years hadn't been easy either. With Menem's rise to power, Argentina had fallen into a deep economic crisis. And his family too, like many others, had lost their home 'without being able to take anything: sofas, beds, dishes, towels'. But despite this 'I had a wonderful childhood'.

Belen Rodriguez reveals: 'That's why Stefano De Martino is back to me' – guard

LA VITA IN ITALY - Upon arrival in Italy she was together with seven other girls. She thought she had to be a model, but instead she was sent to Riccione as an image girl: 'We who had imagined catwalks, photos, we find ourselves in clubs dancing on cubes'. But after contacting an agency in Bologna she began auditioning for TV and since then it has been one success after another. With the first money earned, she recalls, she took a house for her father and mother: 'A house in the place of the rich, with 24-hour security and gates'.