Bergamini case, sister Donata: 'The truth has arrived, who is afraid now to do justice?'

Exactly 33 years after his death, the new trial rewrites the story of the Cosenza footballer: he didn't kill himself, it was a murder. The ex-girlfriend is in the dock. The difficult battle of a courageous woman and a lawyer accustomed to never giving up

 case-bergamini-launch-today-45 Donata Bergamini, 61, sister of Denis who died under mysterious circumstances on November 18th 33 years ago

The weekly Today , on newsstands tomorrow, publishes an interview with Donata Bergamini, who since 18 November 1989 (the day of her death) has been fighting to shed light on the end of her brother, the Cosenza footballer Denis Bergamini, who for a long time witnesses and the judiciary have led to believe a suicide.

Fabiola Valentín and Mariana Varela, the images of the wedding of the misses Fabiola Valentín and Mariana Varela, the images of the wedding of the misses

The cover of the new issue of Today on newsstands

 raoul-bova-cover THE NEWS OF THE PROCESS - For a year, however, Isabella Internò, Bergamini's ex-girlfriend, has been on trial for complicity in murder aggravated by premeditation for futile reasons. She had become pregnant and she had miscarried, he had left her and was dating another woman. The prosecution is convinced that this is the motive and the opinion of the coroners, almost 33 years after the events, has put a cross on the thesis of suicide: Denis died of mechanical asphyxiation, he was already a corpse when the truck passed over him. Donata Bergamini says, after having retraced the story and the misdirections: «The truth has already arrived. Why shouldn't justice do it now? Who's afraid of that happening?'

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