'Between humor and despair': Expert on Cathy Hummels' Insta posts

  There are new headlines about Cathy Hummels' private life almost every day. There are new headlines about Cathy Hummels' private life almost every day. Image: dpa / Lukas Fortkord Analyse

Hardly any other celebrity relationship currently dominates the headlines as much as that of Cathy and Mats Hummels. It all started with breakup rumors that made the rounds last summer: 'Image' wanted to know that the two after 14 years relationship and six years of marriage are no longer a couple. The two have a son together, Ludwig, who is now four years old.

Almost twelve months later, 'Bild' recently reported that after a year of separation, the divorce is currently in progress. This is said to have been submitted a long time ago. These reports were neither confirmed by Mats nor by Cathy, but the latter recently made the following statement in the 'Bunte' interview: 'I loved my husband very much and always wanted to take care of everything perfectly, but it didn't go on like this.'

They are waiting for an official confirmation of the separation or a joint statement Fans however still in vain. Watson spoke to media psychologist Jo Groebel and marketing expert Janine Griffel about the Hummels drama and asked them for an assessment.

That could be the reason for Mats and Cathy Hummels' silence

Jo Groebel suspected a very pragmatic reason behind the Hummels' silence. Maybe they are still in an 'on-off status' , he said and went on to say:

'But in the event of a final separation, it is probably necessary to make highly complex legal, communicative and private arrangements. Money, custody, public image are just some of the challenges.'
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His opinion According to him, it was wise to take your time and not discuss it publicly, he explained and added: 'And they may not really agree yet.'

Janine Griffel, on the other hand, believes that Mats and Cathy have not officially confirmed the split, 'because that would bring with it a finality that both wish to avoid.'

In this context, Groebel added: 'If you can above all clarify the relationship honestly, that also benefits the image. But you should do this primarily out of interest in civilized interaction with one another. The inner life is much, much more important than any sophisticated market positioning. Happiness cannot be bought.'

Mats Hummels, his love affairs and Cathy's comments

But it's not just Mats and Cathy's breakup that's grabbing the headlines, but also the love life of the BVB kicker has caused an uproar in recent months. The 33-year-old was always with others Women sighted.

  Mats Hummels is (still) married to Cathy Hummels. Mats Hummels is (still) married to Cathy Hummels. Image: www.imago-images.de / imago images

According to RTL, the kicker is said to have dated the regional league table tennis player Lisa Straube last year. Then, in mid-October, he was spotted with a dark-haired woman by his side during a trip to Copenhagen. And in April, former 'GNTM' winner Céline Bethmann posted a picture with the telling title 'Dinner Date' and linked Mats. Some time later, the soccer professional was caught snogging with influencer and Onlyfans model Julia Gauly on Mallorca. Most recently he took a young wife during a Party in the arm. However, Mats left all these speculations uncommented.

Are the short moments with Mats for the women no more than fleeting experiences in the dating world or is one or the other hoping for a career boost as a result? According to Griffel, anyone who hopes for the latter should leave it alone:

'A date with Mats turns these girls into a one-hit wonder at best. I doubt whether dating Mats will be enough to make you a permanent celebrity.'
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Groebel is also of the opinion that it is always better to make a career leap 'by one's own efforts, on the basis of one's own abilities'. 'At the same time, however, there are now at least hundreds of women and men worldwide who have become known through an affair, a joint photo, a one-night stand with a VIP.' , he also said. In addition, he pointed out that it is not uncommon for these people to be better known at some point than the person or people with whom the whole thing started. 'Only rarely does a private liaison damage the reputation. Especially when one's own abilities of whatever kind are visible,' added Groebel.

Here's how Mats and Cathy are each dealing with the breakup headlines

Mats and Cathy are dealing with the whirlwind of their relationship very differently. Mats remains silent on the speculation and does not comment on any headlines. He only commented on the subject once. When model Céline's 'dinner' snap surfaced online, he responded to Twitter comments mocking his love life: 'Pay a compliment Twitter ! I really had to laugh at the great tweets yesterday.'

  Mats Hummels does not comment on the hype surrounding his person. Mats Hummels does not comment on the hype surrounding his person. Image: Revierfoto / Revierfoto

Janine Griffel and Jo Groebel support Mats' strategy. Griffel praised: 'It's authentic and transparent. Mats Hummels is single. And of course he's dating and of course it will be a few dates before the next serious relationship.' Groebel said:

'It is precisely because he may not have yet decided that the only right thing to do is to remain silent. Either to be able to continue living in a relaxed manner as he has been lately. Or to be able to think about his ideas about a partnership in peace away from the public . What we see in media images doesn't have to reflect his private reality. That's acceptable.'

While Mats remains silent, Cathy mostly pokes fun at the public furore their relationship and everything that goes with it causes . In addition, she regularly publishes cryptic statements that can be understood as a nod to their breakup. Griffel rated the approach as clever, but at the same time she added:

'Although there is a fine line between humor and slight despair.'
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You can't shake the feeling that Cathy isn't quite over Mats yet. Jo Groebel said about Cathy Hummels' communication strategy: 'However, commenting on the headlines about him is part of a dynamic that almost everyone knows in unclear relationship phases or during or after a breakup. Depending on your own emotional repertoire, you react mockingly, sourly, seemingly distantly or even jealously to a new constellation.' The difference is that it happens publicly here. 'But among celebrities that has always been the rule rather than the exception.'

Source: watson.de