Bianca Atzei and Stefano Corti happy, reveal the sex on live TV: 'A boy will be born'

The singer and the envoy of the Hyenas, who have been together for three years, showed Verissimo a teddy bear with a blue bow. 'Until recently we didn't want to know, then we couldn't resist,' she confessed

 bianca-atzei-pregnant-stefano-corti-very true Bianca Atzei and Stefano Corti together with 'Verissimo': they are expecting a boy Photo Video

Bianca Atzei and Stefano Corti are expecting a boy. The revelation in front of Silvia Toffanin, a very true . The singer and the envoy of One they told how we could not resist the possibility of knowing the sex of the unborn child. the story between anecdotes and emotion. - Photo | video

Pregnant Bianca Atzei makes Stefano Corti give in like this. Pregnant Bianca Atzei makes Stefano Corti give in like this

Bianca Atzei, what a tummy! - guard

A “BLUE” BEAR – Atzei and Corti took a teddy bear with hyena glasses and a blue bow out of a gift package. In short, everything according to the tradition that wants pink for baby girls and blue for baby boys, even if it wasn't like that at one time: pink was a masculine color, think of Palermo soccer and the Gazzetta dello Sport . After that, the two launched into an amusing anecdote, explaining that no, really no, they hadn't resisted the idea of ​​being able to learn about sex: 'Until recently we didn't want to know, then we couldn't resist', Atzei confessed , while Corti, in counterpoint, added: “I discovered it on an ultrasound. I was looking at the screen and at one point I asked the doctor: 'But is that the umbilical cord?. She answered me: 'No', so I understand ”. The idea would be to give the son a double surname.

Bianca Atzei, the ultrasound is virial- guard

TOGETHER  FOR THREE YEARS – The love between the two was born three years ago at a concert and was immediately an important story. To the point that after a very short time the two were already dreaming of a child: 'We started trying after a couple of months of living together, we've always had the strong desire for a family together', they explained. And they had really tried, but in 2021 the singer's pregnancy ended in a very painful miscarriage: 'From the greatest joy, to the strongest suffering, in the blink of an eye', Atzei had told those who have always followed her on social media , also speaking of the recourse to a series of treatments to stimulate fertility.

Bianca Atzei recounts the immense pain of abortion in the fourth month: 'I already saw myself as a mother, then those words that froze me...' - guard

CORTI IS ALREADY A FATHER - Now the singer can well be calm: while for her it is the first child, her partner is already a father: from a story she had when she was a boy, Gabriele was born, now 14 years old and living with his mother in Marseille. In short, Bianca will have some more ideas about her parenting.