Big Brother Vip and the Bellavia case: Ginerva Lamborghini expelled, Giovanni Ciacci eliminated

After bullying the fellow adventurer, the first two 'guilty' were hunted: the first by the authors, the second by the public. But that's not all. Also because ratings have taken off

 big-brother-vip-fifth-episode-1920 Giovanni Ciacci (the first on the left) and Ginevra Lamborghini (on the right) are outside the House: see what happened in the last episode Photo Video

The Marco Bellavia case monopolized the latest episode of Big Brother vip. After the social revolt, nothing could be ignored. And so Alfonso Signorini opened the episode with a harsh reprimand from the competitors, guilty of having mocked, ignored, bullied the former conductor of Bim Bum Bam, who had shown worrying signs of discomfort and mental fragility. The conductor also made mea culpa, for not having glimpsed in Marco's behavior (for whom he had given two auditions before entering the house) the indicator of depression - Photo | video

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Marco Bellavia, depressed and bullied inside the House – guard

THE IRREFRENABLE CRYING – The first to be expelled was Ginevra Lamborghini, guilty of having uttered an impersonable phrase: «Someone like this deserves to be bullied». Geneva, at the news of the disqualification, burst into uncontrollable tears. Background: Geneva was probably called to talk about her famous sister Elettra (with whom she has been on the run for years). But Elettra warned her, therefore, once her main reason of interest had fallen, she could have been considered expendable by the authors.

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CIACCI DIDN'T EVEN UNDERSTAND… – Second fallen: Giovanni Ciacci, eliminated in televoting. Alfonso Signorini was very hard on him. Ciacci showed that he did not understand the seriousness of the situation and insisted on defending himself in an embarrassing manner, with questionable statements such as: 'I saw him crying, but perhaps he was crying with happiness' and was reproached by the conductor: 'If you really I thought they were tears of happiness, you stupid.' For now, Gegia, Charlie Gnocchi and Wilma Goich have managed, but they don't seem to regret their behavior at all. Indeed, Gegia even commented live: «We had to keep him here and listen to his ca ….». And to think that Gegia even has a degree in psychology and is a member of the order of psychologists.

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LISTEN BOOM – The only ones who understood the gravity of the situation and showed solidarity with Bellavia were the youngest (and unknown): the influencer and fencing champion Antonella Fiordelisi, the former tronista and now chef Luca Salatino, the influencer and former competitor of George Ciupilan College. The scandal was a boon for ratings: the reality show boomed, bringing home a 25% share and beating the Rai 1 fiction Survivors.