Big Brother Vip, Antonino Spinalbese's confession: 'That's why I left Belén'

Shy, introverted, scared of the limelight: the hair stylist seemed destined to remain in the dark. But Charlie Gnocchi took care of making him talk. And he never stopped…

  gfvip-antonino-spinalbese Antonino Spinalbese in tears to the Gf Vip. And look at the other photos from the episode Photo Video

The seventh edition of the Big Brother VIP . And a surprise protagonist emerges: Antonino Spinalbese, the hair stylist who for two years spun with Belén Rodriguez, as well as Luna Marì's father. – Photo | video

Antonino Spinalbese, sweet dad at the park with Luna Marì Antonino Spinalbese, sweet dad at the park with Luna Marì

Big Brother Vip, the first week in ten flashes - guard

CHARLIE'S MAIEUTICS - Surprisingly, because Antonino seems the exact opposite of the typical reality TV contestant: shy, introverted, he almost seemed to flee the limelight. And instead... Instead, Charlie Gnocchi took care of pulling him out of his hole, with a long chat on the sofa. To tell the truth, Charlie seemed more interested in gathering information about Belén, but his questions ended up making a full-blown confession pour out of Spinalbese's heart.

Belen Rodriguez and Antonino Spinalbese, goodbye love: now only their daughter Luna Marì unites them … – guard

“WE WERE NOT ON LINE” – “We broke up when Luna Marì was three months old,” says Antonino, in a neutral tone that slowly moves towards emotion. Not so much for the story that ended with the Argentine showgirl, but for having had to leave her daughter. 'But will I be able to be a father by no longer being with his mother?', is the hammer question that Spinalbese asked himself in the days of separation. But why did Belén and Antonino break up after two years of living together? 'We weren't online, we argued often and I always walked out.'

Belen Rodriguez and Antonino Spinalbese are back together with their daughter Luna Marì and… very long faces! – guard

'I WAS VERY SICK' - “When I went away, with a little girl at home, I felt terrible. So I always tried to come back. Then I'd come back, something else would happen, and I'd say to myself, 'If it worked last time, it's going to work again. I'm going away, I will suffer those two days'. But when it happens too often…”. Today, however, Antonio is 'very well alone, and with my daughter'. And he says he is 'protective of my daughter's mother, I will always cherish this bond that we have and I hope it will grow more and more'.

Belen Rodriguez takes refuge in the family, with a cigarette in hand and a low gaze: Antonino Spinalbese is further and further away – guard

“WE WERE WRONG TO CHOOSE US - 'We made a mistake in choosing each other, but without that mistake I wouldn't have my daughter there,' Antonino then says. Who reveals: 'Luna Marì said the word 'dad' a little while ago, just before I entered'. Then, pressed by Signorini, he spoke of Belén: 'she is my daughter's mother, things didn't go, but thanks also to my daughter, I understood that we shouldn't bear a grudge'. Also because the Argentine showgirl put her own: “She was good, she took the first step to reconcile us, I was elusive as always. I hope that she and Luna Marì are as Belén wanted when we chose to have a daughter ”. In another interview, this time with Luca Salatino and Cristina Quaranta, Spinalbese then remarked that it was he who left Belén: 'I was wrong, I blew up a relationship'.

Belen Rodriguez and Antonino Spinalbese, love is (already) at the end of the line: here's what really happens - guard

'I AM NOT LOOKING FOR' - Finally, Spinalbese said he was closed to new sentimental experiences: 'I'm not currently looking, I couldn't manage another love, I'm completely in love with my daughter'. The message, however, must not have reached Geneva Lamborghini clearly, which has begun approaching maneuvers that are not too veiled. Will he resist, Antonino?