Big Brother Vip, in the end the return of Marco Bellavia is half a flop

Someone hoped that the story of the former tenant could become useful. Instead, it all went down the drain. And even the ratings no longer pay

 gfvip-bellavia-ciacci-gegia Big Brother Vip, all the images of the tenth episode focused on the return of Marcio Bellavia Photo Video

And in the end the great moment of Marco Bellavia's return to Big Brother Vip has arrived. A wasted opportunity, we dare to say, because what could have been a serious moment, useful for dealing with the problem of mental health, was transformed into a soap opera, useful above all for rehabilitating the competitors who had mistreated Marco. In short, they threw it in the caciara. First there was the interview with the conductor Alfonso Signorini: 'The thing that made me suffer the most is thinking of my mother Rita who was crying at home at 89', explained the former conductor of Bim Bum Bam. “I was lost, I wasn't sleeping, it was like I was drunk. It wasn't a feint, otherwise I would have won an Oscar.' And he continued: 'People are ashamed to say they are depressed, but we must continue, life goes on, despite the pandemic, despite the war, it is our resilience' - Photo | video

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ALL FORGIVED – Then there was the confrontation with Ginevra Lamborghini, disqualified precisely for her contemptuous behavior, Giovanni Ciacci and Gegia, both eliminated from televoting. In the end they were all forgiven, even the others who remained in the house. The most exciting meeting was the one with Pamela Prati. And who knows if the soubrette, after Mark Caltagirone, will be able to find a real boyfriend. 'All the things I tried were authentic, I really wanted to kiss you,' Bellavia told her. 'I wanted it to be a love story, but I started to feel bad and I pulled back'. 'We'll make up for it when I get out,' Prati replied. She will see.
After so much molasses, it was Cristina Quaranta who packed her bags, penalized for the constant quarrels and the aggression shown in the House.

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LISTENING DOWN – The Bellavia effect also decreased in ratings: Big Brother Vip won a 19.3% share, while the winner of the evening was the new Rai 1 fiction Vincenzo Malinconico, unsuccessful lawyer, with 23%. However, the Gf Vip continues to win on Monday evening, above all due to the weakness of the Rai 1 fiction Survivors with Lino Guanciale, which did not convince the public.