Big Brother Vip: Luca Salatino gives emotions. While Antonino Spinalbese continues to be a playboy

'Now I understand Belen,' Oriana says during an argument with Rodriguez's ex. Which in this 24th episode is at the center of the controversy. Great emotion, however, for the boxer and his family reunion

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Finally some real emotions at Gf Vip. To give us some is usually a very secluded character (to put it mildly): the former Roman boxer now chef Luca Salatino. Last night he met his father with whom he has always had a difficult relationship, due to the gruff and detached character of the parent. – Photo | video

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LUCA SALATINO MEETS THE FATHER – «Maybe I wasn't a good father», admitted the father during the confrontation. «Maybe I should have held you, hugged you more. I was like my father, he always worked, he went out while I was sleeping and came back while I was sleeping. My father never caressed me, but then he died in my arms ». The parent then burst into tears. Salatino confessed that he also started boxing to follow in his father's footsteps and feel him closer. Luca's mother also joined the moment of general emotion. And even Sonia Bruganelli couldn't handle the emotion.

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SPINALBESE DAMNED AMONG WOMEN – For the rest, the episode, as usual, revolves around the playboy Antonino Spinalbese. First there was a bitter confrontation with Oriana Marzoli who said all sorts of things. 'Now I understand Belen,' said the queen of Spanish reality shows. «Stefano is beautiful, I can understand it, if you compare them. She was like bam, bye, I'm going back with my ex husband. He used me like Belen used him ». Then she insinuated: 'Under the covers he told me many secret things, even about Belen, but I don't want to lower myself to his level'.

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WHO COMES IN AND WHO COMES OUT - It does not end here. The new entry of the house, a certain Dana Saber, a model of Moroccan origin, revealed that she had had a history with Spinalbese. And he? She played dumb, as always, claiming she didn't remember her existence. Finally, the three competitors who somehow had to do with him, Oriana, Ginevra and Giaele, joined forces against Antonella Fiordelisi. Because? They are convinced that she is jealous, because she was the only one who did not attract Antonino's attention not even for a second. Antonella, for her part, bullies her 'boyfriend', poor Edoardo Donnamaria, reduced to the state of a doormat. The happiest of all is Charlie Gnocchi who was finally eliminated from the House and reacted as follows: «As soon as I get home, I uncork a bottle of Lambrusco».