Big Brother Vip, Pamela Prati 'resurrects' Mark Caltagirone: there is never an end to trash

The former showgirl shows the 120,000 messages that, she says, her (non-existent) lover sent her. Meanwhile, Gegia also has her man of mystery. While Antonella Fiordelisi continues to be a dead cat in the House…

  GFV_1920 Pamela Prati lets herself go in the house of Big Brother Vip Photo Video

Big Brother Vip, after the Marco Bellavia tsunami, and waiting for his return to the studio, scheduled for the episode of Thursday 20 October, slows down. The expert Signorini, however, does not give up an inch, and builds the bet as a shrewd housewife would do: she carefully sets the table, but then only serves leftovers and side dishes – Photo | video

Pamela Prati, watch the sexy ballet of the 62-year-old in the best shape in Italy… Private video Pamela Prati, watch the sexy ballet of the 62-year-old in the best shape in Italy… Private video

Big Brother Vip, Cristina Quaranta and that man who 'kicked me out with 5 thousand euros' - guard

PAMELA PRATI AND HER EVENING MARK – The highlight of the menu is the queen of heated dishes, the superstar of fried & refried, i.e. Pamela Prati. He returns to talk about the elusive Mark Caltagirone, declares himself a victim of his former agents Eliana Michelazzo and Pamela Perricciolo, tells of the thousands of messages exchanged with his ectoplasmic boyfriend, of the fact that she, unlike the other two, has never been investigated for this story . But at the end of this confession there is always a feeling of incompleteness. And it's not just our impression, so much so that the more lucid of the two commentators in the studio, Sonia Bruganelli comments: «It can't be said that this story hasn't helped you, if you're here it's also because of what happened. Before this case, when it came to Pamela, there were lire. I cannot think that in six months she has not had the moment in which she realized that something was not right ».

Big Brother Vip and the bad story with Marco Bellavia – guard

GEGIA AND THE BOYFRIEND WHO FLEW AWAY – After the authentic Mark Caltagirone, the program also focused on the second choice one, that is Gegia's mysterious Mexican boyfriend, about whom it was legitimate to have matured some doubts. In fact she, having left the house in the previous episode, was taken by surprise by the fact that Mehmet, her love, had flown to Tolum. Generally, in real life, if the partner decides to change continent, she has the grace to warn. The poisonous Signorini raised the doubt that the man went into hiding after discovering the true age of the woman. “I told him I was 50” confessed Gegia, who in reality, she is 63 ». Yellow closes when a message from Mehmet arrives. “So it exists” certifies the triumphant conductor, perhaps forgetting that Mark Caltagirone has sent thousands of messages and yet it was just hot air.

Evelina Sgarbi, who really is the girl who refuses Big Brother Vip (and infuriates dad Vittorio) – guard

EDOARDO, ANTONINO AND THE DEAD CAT – The time has also come for face-to-face Antonino Spinalbese and Edoardo Donnamaria. To move them against each other is Antonella Fiordelisi, who uses the hackneyed strategies of every real dead cat with unexpected effectiveness. However, the clash dialectically was not exciting: Antonino Spinalbese accused the face of Forum to be without balls and a 'bottom', or to reduce like a doormat for a woman. Donnamaria, on the other hand, whimpered, questioning Spinalbese's goodness of mind. A humiliating clash for both, and in fact Fiordelisi then decided to reward the neglected Donnamaria with a kiss.

Everything, absolutely everything, on Big Brother Vip – guard

NO DELETION – The bet ended without any competitor being eliminated. but by now we have entered the heart of the competition, and from the next episode we must finally expect low blows and (metaphorical) stabs.