Big Brother Vip, the first week in ten flashes

The challenge (and the distrust) of the Lamborghini sisters. Orietta's cachet. Elenoire's nails and those of… Attilio Romita. The 'hot' fronts of a reality show that never disappoints

  gfvip-first-second-episode Elenoire Ferruzzi, Amaurys Perez, Orietta Berti, Carolina Marconi and the others: the protagonists of the House Photo Video

The seventh edition of the Big Brother vip . Here by wonders we mean those moments of pure trash that every year move the common sense of television modesty a little further and which, however, not a secondary detail, each year capture more than 20 percent share. Here are the ten competitors, or rather the ten fronts from which to expect the greatest 'satisfactions'. - Photo | video

Sonia Bruganelli, unauthorized portrait of a real tiger - guard

L'EX SIGNOR BETHLEHEM - Among the competitors there is Antonino Spinalbese, the hairstylist - once called hairdresser - also and above all known as the former Mr. Belén, from whom he had Luna Marì. And Antonino did not let himself be asked to talk about Belén: 'There were photographers, gossip, his world. There were also many problems that arose. We were two things too different, two distant worlds ”, he confided in his roommates. And again: “I don't know if loving each other is enough in a story. Now I think it had to be like this. Then I always left home. We argued and I left, I ran away. I hate fights and so I reacted by running away. After what happened, if I hadn't become a father, I would have fled abroad '.

Evelina Sgarbi, who is really the girl who rejects Big Brother Vip (and infuriates dad Vittorio) - guard

CLASH BETWEEN SISTERS - The first front is that of the Lamborghinis. This year Geneva participates, sister of the better known Electra, with whom there is no good blood: they have not seen or spoken for three years. And in fact, the stamped papers arrived immediately: Elettra warned Geneva (and the Gf Vip ) from talking about her. The warning had no effect, but Ginevra lent a hand: 'I apologize, sometimes I behaved badly towards you, because I felt excluded I was angry and I apologize for this'.

Jessica Selassié wins Big Brother Vip: what a disappointment for her favorite sister Lulù ... - guard

DEAR ORIETTA - Some controversy, and some jealousy, can spring from the cachet of Berti, the star of this edition. To be a columnist, you take 10 thousand euros per episode: which, multiplied by all the expected bets (it should end in March 2023), reaches half a million.

Between Soleil Sorge and Delia Duran it is more than a kiss: Big Brother Vip turns to lesbian love - guard

THE BODY… - Among the tenants is Amaurys Perez, whose standard uniform is ... shirtless. And Alfonso Signorini challenged him to make his bibs 'dance' to the rhythm of Surgery , cantata live from Berti. Test passed, but the feeling is that we will see some good ones.

Giulio Bissiri, the father of the (fake) princesses of Big Brother Vip was mocked by Silvio Berlusconi - guard

AND THE MESSAGE - In the house of the Gf Vip the stylist Giovanni Ciacci has also decided to enter. “I am HIV positive. In Italy there is still a lot of ignorance on the subject, I'm here to turn on a light '. The context does not seem favorable, but who knows ...

WHAT NAILS! - And then there is Elenoire Ferruzzi, a lover of plastic surgery and a transgender icon, who sports mileage nails. Before entering she had said that she had only fallen in love with her once in her life, but it took her a few days to declare herself to Luca Salatino, formerly of her. Men and women (in the double role of suitor and tronista). He didn't take it well, but it takes more to stop Elenoire.

The fury of Katia Ricciarelli, new round between Sonia Bruganelli and Adriana Volpe, the impossible loves of Amedeo Goria and Manuel Bortuzzo ... Big Brother Vip brings out the worst in everyone - guard

THE HALF OF THE TG - Among the gieffini, a little surprisingly, Attilio Romita, a peaceful and authoritative former half-length portrait of Tg1 and Tg2, landed on the threshold of 70 years. Wisdom was expected of him. But it is a tornado. So much so that the director had to censor, by removing the audio, his comments at the queen's funeral: 'How can you have respect, esteem and devotion for a royal family in which there are rapists, organizers of orgies ...?'. Then he also lashed out at Signorini, guilty, to say of him, not to involve him: 'I don't know that he ca ** or wants from me, if he has to treat me like this.' Sweet moment: the kiss (with makeup) in the pool to a rather perplexed (if not frightened) Sara Manfuso.

PATRIZIA AGAINST THE OUTGOING QUEEN - Then there is Patrizia Rossetti, TV icon of the 80s and 90s. She first described the betrayals suffered by her ex-partner in detail ('I took the horns and even more, with). Then she attacked Soleil Sorge, the queen of the last edition: “I didn't like Soleil… Sensitivity must never be lacking and disrespect must never be there. I freak out if you disrespect me. I Soleil would have taken it and drowned it '. Sorge's reply: “I wait on the river bank. If you want to do a swimming challenge, see you in the pool ”.

At Big Brother Vip even personal dramas become shows. And between Adriana Volpe and Sonia Bruganelli there is armed peace… - guard

CAROLINA HAPPY - And speaking of messages, al Gf Vip there is also Carolina Marconi. That before joining the Gf Vip, she who in 2004 had been to the Gf (not vip), underwent cancer checks. “The perfect CT scan as well as mammography and analyzes. I made such a loud cry of joy that they heard me up to the ninth floor, ”she cheered. And in her house, beautiful with short hair, she immediately showed a certain familiarity with tarts ...

PAMELA AND THE UNFORGETTABLE MARK - And then there is Pamela Prati, who, however much she tries to make people forget the incredible story of (not) boyfriend Mark Caltagirone, cannot help but talk about it: 'It is still a very painful story for me. I would like to explain that I have not killed anyone and I want to show things about me that people have never seen, others have always talked about me but this time I want to talk '. In the Casa you already have an enemy: Giovanni Ciacci, who was one of your greatest accusers on the subject. And the frost has already fallen between the two.