Big Brother Vip, the Marco Bellavia case closed… Pamela Prati returns to talk about Mark Caltagirone!

Patrizia Rossetti argues with Pamela Prati, Gegia is irritated with Wilma Goich and the return of Italy's most famous ghost boyfriend. The Gf Vip after a brief interlude of seriousness, returns to being what it has always been…

 GFVIP Big Brother Vip, what happened in the seventh episode of the Mediaset reality show Photo Video

The Marco Bellavia case has deflated and it shows: discussions on home management are once again the protagonists of Big Brother, in the style of off-site students. Patrizia Rossetti quarrels with Pamela Prati because the latter has a single room and she doesn't (but then they make up), Gegia is irritated with Wilma Goich because she doesn't let her cook, Wilma Goich is angry with young people because they don't clean up nothing… The tenor is this – Photo | video

Maria Teresa Ruta and the Bellavia case: 'The Gf Vip sucks' Maria Teresa Ruta and the Bellavia case: 'The Gf Vip sucks'

Big Brother Vip, Marco Bellavia and depression: it is a disease that can be treated - guard

QUESTION OF BULLIES – Actually, there is a video of Marco Bellavia. The former conductor of Bim bum bam, who left the house after being bullied for his mental frailty, sent a video from home, together with his son Filippo, and here he recounts with satisfaction that people stop him on the street, thanking him for having brought tv the problem of mental health. With all due respect to his situation, the program is starting to go too far.

Marco Bellavia leaves Big Brother Vip. And the others in the House bully him for his depression – guard

THE RETURN OF MARK CALTAGIRONE – And now the highlight of the evening: the confession of Pamela Prati who returns to talk about her fictional boyfriend Mark Caltagirone. The case had held ground in 2019: it was the Dagospia site that was the first to reveal that the soubrette's betrothed did not exist. Prati's version at Gf vip is worthy of a South American soap opera. Pamela would never have seen him in person, the relationship would have gone on via phone and whatsapp (but they made love on the phone every night). The man claimed he could not be seen because he was the son of a boss, a witness of justice, adopted by the Caltagirone family. Mark would also have had two children, Sebastian and Rebecca (Sebastian suffering from throat cancer) but she would never have seen them in the flesh.

Big Brother Vip and the Bellavia case: Ginevra Lamborghini expelled, Giovanni Ciacci eliminated - guard

THE ANSWER TO THE JUDGMENT – In short, Prati claims to have been the victim of an emotional fraud, in perfect good faith. It goes without saying that, in all the interviews, on TV and in the newspapers, given before Dagospia's revelations, her version was totally different and her story with Mark, complete with an imminent wedding, was described as perfectly normal. The matter is now in the hands of the judiciary. It would be good not to talk about it on television anymore.