Big Brother Vip: the public hunts Pamela Prati, Antonella Fiordelisi threatens Totti and Micol Incorvaia risks expulsion

The former Bagaglino star is accompanied to the door. The former fencer insists with the former Roma captain. And Clizia's sister is at risk of disqualification. Attilio Romita too, but for different reasons

  GFVip16_1920 Pamela Prati leaves the house of GF Vip: see what happened in the 16th episode Photo Video

One looks at the Gf Vip, which has now reached the 16th episode and feels a great nostalgia for the good old days: when Renzo Arbore was on TV, life was all a quiz. Now Alfonso Signorini is raging and everything remains suspended in the limbo of farce. The Mediaset conductor, this must be acknowledged to him, has now become a refined tamer of cathode monsters, which he has exhibited in his circus. Yesterday televoting condemned Pamela Prati to leave the House, saving the other two nominees: Attilio Romita and Sofia Giaele De Donà Patrizia Rossetti, Charlie Gnocchi, Wilma Goich, George Ciupilan - Photo | video

Antonella Fiordelisi, the new girlfriend of Carlos Corona is the clone of mother Nina Moric! Watch the video Antonella Fiordelisi, Carlos Corona's new girlfriend is the clone of mother Nina Moric! Watch the video

Pamela Prati enjoys it in Capri, as if nothing had happened to her marriage to Mark Caltagirone and her former agents - guard

THE SUNSET AVENUE – If we had to choose the protagonist of yesterday's episode, for better or for worse, the choice would fall on Pamela Prati, before being accompanied to the door the former Bagaglino starlet (and we are already talking about a century ago) performed in a rich compendium of all the catchphrases from reality TV. Like all the competitors, she said she was satisfied with her 'journey', she underlined that now the most important love story is the one 'with herself', and thanked the public «who loves me» (but then choosing to send her home , but with love) and so on, with the banality tap turned full throttle. Nothing particularly different from what was expressed by other competitors, only that in this case the anthology of set phrases was accompanied by a series of slightly megalomaniacal attitudes. A drift that the production, with perfidy, has titillated by granting her some privileges, such as the private room. A good way to immediately whet the hostility of the other tenants.

Big Brother Vip, the confession of Antonino Spinalbese: 'That's why I left Belén' - guard

ALL AGAINST TOTTI – The real Big Brother Vip bomb, however, is the one launched by Antonella Fiordelisi who a few days ago said she had received a message from Francesco Totti. At the beginning it was Antonalla herself who told it as a trifle: «Actually, I don't know the precise period. She just texted me 'hello'. The request for a message remained, but I didn't see it, I noticed it late, otherwise maybe I would have replied, maybe… I don't know. It was months ago, I think.' He could have passed over in silence, but the imprudent intervention of Alex Nuccetelli, the best friend of the former Roma captain, caused the case to explode. His denial ('Totti at the moment is a vulnerable element and doesn't deserve these gossip. He said to me: 'Ale you have to believe me, I didn't even know her, I didn't even know of her existence') sent the competitor into a rage GF. Basically accused of being a liar, she has appointed her lawyers to defend her, and the request is peremptory: either Totti now apologizes, or the screenshots of the messages will be published (but wasn't it just one?) and legal action will be taken .

Big Brother Vip, the Marco Bellavia case closed… Pamela Prati returns to talk about Mark Caltagirone! – guard

INCORVAIA AND THE FORBIDDEN SONG – Micol Incorvaia has just entered the house and is already risking disqualification, even more unexpected given that in the early days she was one of the few who had shown off a certain courtesy in the house. A few minutes before the live broadcast began, she was framed while she was putting on her make-up singing Black Face, the symbol song of fascist propaganda. An episode that lasted a few moments, but which immediately sparked a controversy on social media and especially on Twitter, where many asked to punish her by making her leave her house.