Big Brother Vip what chaos: Sara Manfuso slams the door, but Marco Bellavia rethinks it

Revolving doors in the House, the tenant wife of a politician leaves in controversy with the other competitors for having bullied Marco Bellavia, who instead could reconsider. Her agent: 'We do not exclude anything'

 marco-bellavia-sara-manfuso-big-brother-vip-1920 Marco Bellavia smiles again. And Sara Manfuso escapes from the House of Big Brother Vip Photo Video

Twist to the VIP big brother : the competitor Sara Manfuso (profession: commentator in television lounges and wife of the exponent of the Democratic Party Andrea Romano) surprisingly leaves the game. Sara's exit would be the result of the chaos created by the Marco Bellavia affair: Manfuso would have chosen to leave to dissociate herself from the other tenants who marginalized and bullied the former conductor of Boom boom boom , due to his mental frailty. – Photo | video

Gf Vip, Marco Bellavia is better! Here he is with his manager Gf Vip, Marco Bellavia is better! Here he is with his manager

IRRITED BY BRUGANELLI - Sara would also have been irritated by the statements of the columnist Sonia Bruganelli who, during the live broadcast on Monday evening, accused her of hypocrisy, or of defending Marco in words but not in deeds. A mystery is added to the surprise exit: the live broadcast of Mediaset Extra on the House was interrupted for three hours (official reason: technical failure) and then, once the broadcast returned, Sara went out. What happened in those three hours? Was it really a technical problem or was it plain censorship? In the meantime, the ineffable Sonia Bruganelli sarcastically commented on the competitor's decision on Twitter: «Does Sara Manfuso really want to go out? What a great loss to the programme.'

Marco Bellavia depressed and bullied inside the house – guard

SURPRISE RETURN? - Second twist: Marco Bellavia could return to the house. His agent Tony Toscano said so: 'Now he is at home calm and serene', explained the impresario to Adnkronos. «The production pushes him to return to the program, Marco is interested in working in the entertainment world, so we don't exclude anything».