Blackout in Kiev: electricity is too low. But the authorities are ruling out a mass evacuation

The alarm raised by the New York Times: 'Kiev prepares evacuation in case of total blackout'. The authorities have ruled it out, but from today the blackout will last 32% longer than expected. Kherson without light or water. Ursula von der Leyen: 'We will send 1.5 billion euros a month to Ukraine'

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The energy situation in Ukraine is becoming increasingly difficult. And in Kiev it's blackout time, which from today will become longer and longer. The New York Times reveals that a plan for the mass evacuation of the capital would be ready, but the authorities deny it. Pro-Russians denounce that the city of Kherson has been left without water or electricity after a Ukrainian attack and invite residents to leave as soon as possible. The Wall Street Journal reveals that secret talks between the Russians and the Americans have been going on for months. Ursula von der Leyen announces: “The EU will send aid worth 1.5 billion euros a month to Ukraine.” - Photo | video 1 | video 2 | video 3 | video4

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THE CAPITAL IN THE DARK - The Kremlin's raids on the capital's energy infrastructure have led to a situation that is becoming more critical day by day. Yesterday the mayor, Vitaliy Klitschko, did not rule out the possibility of a total blackout in the city due to lack of electricity, heating and water. And he invited the residents to leave Kiev: “We are doing everything to prevent this from happening. But let's be honest: our enemies are doing everything to make the city without heating, without electricity, without water supply. In general they want us all to die. And how prepared we will be for the different situations depends on the future of the country and on the future of each of us… Let's hypothesize the different scenarios to resist, to prepare ourselves. This is not enough. That's why I'm also addressing people: in case of a negative scenario, if we don't have electricity and water supply, if you have relatives or acquaintances on the outskirts of Kiev, where there is a separate water supply and heating, please make arrangements to stay there temporarily”. According to New York Times , even 'Kiev has started planning the evacuation of the approximately three million residents left in the city in the event of a total blackout in the capital'. The newspaper quoted a senior local government official, Roman Tkachuk, who, as the hours passed, however, tried to reassure the population: 'At the moment there is no reason to talk about evacuation. The civil defense system needs to be prepared for various options, but this does not mean that we are now preparing to launch an evacuation. To react in the right way, we need to have a plan for all possible scenarios.' However, it is not clear whether these sentences were pronounced only to avoid panic. In fact, during the night, Serhiy Kovalneko, CEO of the energy supplier Yasno , said today the electricity shortage in the city will increase by 32% than expected. And not only in Kiev, but in the whole region and in the Chernihiv, Cherkasy, Zhytomyr, Sumy, Kharkiv, Poltava oblasts. Mykhailo Podolyak, adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, writes on Twitter: 'Let's be honest: the Russian Federation is trying to commit energy genocide, but Kiev and Ukraine will resist'.

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WAR FRONTS - However, the situation in Kherson is no better, where the Russians have warned residents to leave the occupied city quickly, because the Ukrainians are reportedly preparing for a massive attack. Not only. The authorities close to Moscow released a note on Telegram: “Following a terrorist attack, organized by the Ukrainian side, three concrete pylons carrying high-voltage lines were damaged on the Berislav-Kakhovka axis. There is currently no electricity or water in the city and in some districts of the region.' Kiev is trying to raise the morale of the population with information material on TV and in the metro, as reported by Guardian . But the damage increases. According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, 1100 medical facilities have been damaged since the beginning of the conflict: “Ninety-nine medical facilities have already been completely restored. Another 204 have been partially restored”. And the victims are also increasing: a Russian raid hit a two-story building in Zaporizhzhia, causing one death and setting the building on fire. And bombs in the east, in Donetsk, killed three civilians.

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ONE AND A HALF BILLION A MONTH - Volodymyr Zelensky, in the usual night message on Telegram, says: “The occupiers have again used Iranian attack drones. Some have been shot down. But, sadly, others have had success. We also know that the terrorist state is concentrating forces and means for a possible repetition of mass attacks on our infrastructure. First of all the energy ones. In particular, for this, Russia needs Iranian missiles. We are preparing to respond.' Earlier in the day, the Ukrainian leader spoke with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and reported on Twitter: 'I discussed macro-financial aid to Ukraine for the current year and 2023 with the President of the European Commission. I stressed the importance of continuing the grain initiative for world food security. I discussed the escalating sanctions and opposing actions of Iran, which supports the aggression.' The financial support that Ursula von der Leyen promised Zelensky from the EU is significant: 1.5 billion euros a month for a year, apparently in the form of highly subsidized long-term loans, with coverage of interest costs. Meanwhile the Wall Street Journal reveals that secret talks have been going on for months between US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan and Yuri Ushakov, Vladimir Putin's foreign policy adviser. To the Tg1 Finally, the Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani speaks: “We must promote peace, but preventing Russia from invading Ukraine so that peace is a just peace, which means the freedom of Ukraine. And then it can be negotiated around a table, Zelensky and Putin must reach an agreement. But the agreement cannot be found if there is a loser, therefore Ukraine must be allowed to defend itself, to support the Russian offensive and then aim for the liberation of this country, in order to then reach a peace. We all want it.'

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