Blake Lively pregnant publishes pictures with the baby bump to… chase away the paparazzi

The actress has found an original way to disperse the photographers who have been camping out for days outside the house she shares with her husband Ryan Reynolds. 'You are driving me and my children crazy', she vented on social media ...

 Blake Lively incinta 1920 Blake Lively pregnant shows off with her big belly ... in the foreground! But not only Photo Video

Blake Lively has recently announced that she is pregnant. In her own way, during a flying interview in which she explained how much she likes to 'create'. On the red carpet of the Forbes Power Women 's Summit, you said: 'I love to create: whether it is bread, stories, human beings, it's the same'. All pronounced with a Valentino dress that left her baby bump in a beautiful and brilliant view. She had never done it - Photo | video

Blake Lively, pregnant with fourth child with Ryan Reynolds, shows her tummy! - guard

SIEGE - A cloud of paparazzi has lurked outside the large mansion that Blake and husband and colleague Ryan Reynolds bought a decade ago in New York State to live with their three daughters James, Inez and Betty. A siege that unnerved the diva of Gossip Girl, who in order to disperse the photographers decided to ... replace them and thus make their bivouac waiting to 'steal' a photo useless.

Blake Lively is a mother: the first daughter of the actress and her husband Ryan Reynolds was born - guard

HERE'S THE BELLY - Blake has in fact published on his Instagram profile ten pictures with the baby bump in plain sight. In one of these, there is also Reynolds with the costume of Deadpool . The idea is clever, the message excited, almost angry: 'Here are some photos of me pregnant in real life, so the 11 individuals waiting outside the house to peek will leave me alone. You are driving me and my children crazy ”.