Brasilia, assault on Parliament by Bolsonaro supporters: 400 arrests

Thousands of people storm the Planalto and the institutional buildings. The police use tear gas. Lula: 'We will punish the fascist vandals'. The former president: 'Illegal invasions'

  Brazil: Bolsonaro supporters storm Congress area The assault on the buildings of the top Brazilian institutions Photo Video

Brasilia, thousands of Jair Bolsonaro supporters who did not accept Lula's victory in the elections stormed the Congress area, breaking into the political and administrative buildings, Palazzo Planalto, in the square where the presidential residence is located , the Brazilian Parliament and the Supreme Court, whose window glass was broken” – Photo | video

Brazil, Lula beats Bolsonaro and rejoices: 'Democracy wins' Brazil, Lula beats Bolsonaro and rejoices: 'Democracy wins'

Brasilia, assault on Planalto – guard

COME A CAPITOL HILL - The same scene from two years ago was repeated on Capitol Hill in Washington by Donald Trump fans. The police used tear gas, but also rubber bullets, to disperse the crowd who managed to reach the roofs and enter the buildings. In the videos shot inside the protesters can be seen breaking the seats of the plenary, as reported or globe . Government officials waited to be evacuated by air. The president who has returned to office, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, is not in Brasilia at the moment, but is in the state of São Paulo. From here he condemns the “vandal and fascist” attack. These people must be punished in an exemplary way”. He calls all of them 'terrorists' and vows that they 'will pay with all the force of the law' even if it costs to use the army.

Brazil, Lula beats Bolsonaro and rejoices: 'Democracy wins' video

THE SENTENCE - Bolsonaro never congratulated Lula on his election and left Brazil on December 30, two days before the end of his mandate, aboard the presidential Air Force plane, bound for Florida, in the United States. Harsh condemnation by Giorgia Meloni and the Italian government: 'What is happening in Brazil cannot leave us indifferent', writes the premier on Twitter. “The images of the irruption into institutional offices are unacceptable and incompatible with any form of democratic dissent. A return to normality is urgently needed and we express solidarity with the Brazilian institutions'. As well as from the president of the EU Council, Charles Michel: 'Absolute condemnation of the assault on the democratic institutions of Brazil. Full support to President Lula Da Silva, democratically elected by millions of Brazilians through fair and free elections”. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken echoes him: “We condemn the attacks on the Presidency, Congress and the Supreme Court of Brazil. Using violence to attack democratic institutions is always unacceptable. We join President Lula in urging an immediate end to these actions.”

Assault on Congress by Donald Trump supporters, America in shock. Here's what happened and what will happen now - guard

THE ARRESTS AND THE FIRST WORDS OF BOLSONARO – There are at least 400 arrests ordered by the Brazilian judicial authority, carried out during the night. Former president Bolsonaro condemned the attacks, denying any responsibility and throwing a jab at Lula: “Peaceful demonstrations, according to the law, are part of democracy. Looting and invasion of public buildings such as today, as well as those practiced by the left in 2013 and 2017, are illegal'. The weather remains hot.