Bruce Willis and the disease, the outburst of his wife Emma Heming: 'My pain can be paralyzing, but I'm learning to live with it'

Almost six months after the announcement of the diagnosis of aphasia, the partner of the Hollywood star says she is looking for herself. And she doesn't hide her difficulties. Even if two very tender videos invite you to hope

 bruce willis party Bruce Willis in the family photo taken on Father's Day, which is celebrated in the United States in June Photo Video

Bruce Willis, almost six months after the announcement of his illness, his wife does not hide the difficulties in carrying on the family with two small daughters: 'My pain can be paralyzing, but I'm learning to live with it.' Photo | video

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COME STA BRUCE WILLIS - The Hollywood star, who is only 67, was diagnosed with aphasia, a disease that leads to the inability to articulate and understand words. Those who suffer from it may no longer be able to produce complete sentences, to read, write and do calculations. Speech therapy is the only possible rehabilitation, but recovery is usually long and difficult to complete. In the case of progressive aphasia, the disease is progressive and there is no real treatment protocol. Bruce was thus forced to leave the cinema. But every now and then he appears on his wife's social pages. The last photo of him dates back to June, for the American Father's Day, in which he is on the ground and hugs his loved ones. Much more recent are two videos together with the two youngest daughters Mabel, 9, and Evelyn, 7: in one she dances and smiles, making the little girl laugh, in the other she looks amazed in the garden at a nest of newborn robins.

Bruce Willis and his wife Emma Heming, the first (tender) pictures of the disease guard

THE VENT - On social media Emma shows herself busy even on vacation: she takes care of gardening, plays the guitar, plays in the pool or tennis with the girls or goes for long walks. But she makes her followers understand how hard it is to go on with an illness like this: 'This was the summer of discovering myself: finding new hobbies, getting out of my comfort zone and staying active. My pain can be crippling, but I'm learning to live with it. As my stepdaughter Scout Willis told me, pain is the deepest and purest form of love. I hope that you too will find some comfort in this ... '

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