Bushido process: rapper testifies without a lawyer – and on a sensitive topic

  Bushido had to testify again, but this time his lawyer was not present. Bushido had to testify again, but this time his lawyer was not present. Image: dpa Pool / --- On site

The 77th day of the trial and Bushido has long been expected to be on the witness stand again. It could become his most important testimony in this protracted case against Arafat Abou-Chaker. He is to be questioned about a leaked audio recording. A sound recording intended to refute Bushido's statements. A conversation between him and Arafat that was secretly recorded could be his undoing - should she be real? .

That is exactly what needs to be checked. But first the entire almost two-hour recording is played in court – and that takes time.

That's what the process is about, according to the indictment, criminal offenses are said to have occurred after Bushido wanted to dissolve the business relationship in 2017. According to the indictment, Arafat Abou-Chaker did not want to accept this and demanded a million-dollar payment from Bushido as well as participation in his music business for 15 years. The rapper was threatened, insulted, locked up and injured on January 18, 2018. Arafat's brothers Nasser, Yasser and Rommel are accused of being accomplices or accomplices.

Bushido's lawyer is missing - the rapper still wants to make statements

When the main hearing begins with a little delay, sits Bushido in the courtroom without his lawyer Steffen Tzschoppe. This was prevented because of 'technical problems', as judge Martin Mrosk announced at the beginning. Exactly what that means is not explained further.

Bushido is still confident and in a good mood and wants to testify. He has 'done his homework' and points to some sheets of paper on which he made notes about the tape.

But first he wants to know whether there could be disadvantages for him, for example that his testimony could not count afterwards if he testified without his legal counsel. When the judge says no, Bushido affirms once again that he would like to comment on the recordings.

Also have Bushido brought some other documents that could be of interest to the court , he explains. 'I can tell: one man, one word,' jokes the judge.

Before that happens, the file has to be played in its entirety in court – in the presence of an interpreter who can translate the Arabic passages.

Explosive audio file is barely understandable

However, the quality of the recording leaves a lot to be desired, sometimes you cannot understand whole passages just by listening. The court also has the conversation transcribed as a text, as well as the press. What a defender of the Abou-Chakers criticizes. Because once again evidence was brought into the public domain.

The judge allows himself to be tricked into making a joke: the introduction of electronic files would prevent such incidents. But he doubts that he will experience this during his tenure and continues to play the file.

Bushido in particular can be clearly heard in the recording, at least much better than Arafat or the other interlocutors. At first, a comparatively calm conversation begins. However, this does not remain quiet for very long.

allegations of Arafat that he 'quarreled with people' because of Bushido , Bushido's assurances that he would like to 'clarify everything well' and confused conversations in which the speaker cannot be assigned without having a text.

'We've only experienced shit together for years.'

However, Arafat is clearly louder than Bushido in the recordings. Again and again both are admonished by those present to calm down. You can also hear muffled impact noises that cannot be assigned.

Interpreter rebukes Arafat

Even the interpreter has problems translating what was said in spite of the transcript. Now and then Arafat rolls his eyes and even interferes in the translation. But not only the judge, but also the interpreter himself warns him to be calm.

You can also hear in the recording how Arafat Bushido repeatedly interrupts. So a male voice can be heard saying, 'Arafat, let him talk, what's the matter with you?'

  In the meantime, Arafat Abou-Chaker has gotten used to the media attention around him. In the meantime, Arafat Abou-Chaker has gotten used to the media attention around him. Image: www.imago-images.de / imago images

' We've been through nothing but shit together for years. It's not like we anymore fun to have. Then there's the stress with my wife. That's why I want to bring this thing to an end, to a good end,' says Bushido in the conversation. He no longer has nerves for 'all this negative shit'.

He himself is silent the entire time. Now and then he tugs at his face mask, which he is the only one wearing in the courtroom. Pulls the mask over his eyes, leans back or puts his head in his hands. He rarely looks at Arafat himself. Sometimes actually twiddles his thumbs.

Again and again there is screaming. So calls Arafat Bushido the 'biggest, worst dog' that he knows. Mobile phones ring several times, conversations are being conducted from afar. As the 'Stern' has already reported, someone present with the recording device leaves the room at some point , only footsteps can be heard. After a few minutes he comes back. In between, the tone becomes more forgiving: 'Enough now, stop and kiss each other,' says one of the men in the room.

But as a listener you don't get a groundbreaking insight.

WhatsApp histories are said to prove errors

At 3.30 p.m. the time has come: Bushido should comment on the recordings. The 'homework' he spoke of was to listen to the tape beforehand and in its opinion, to identify inconsistencies . Only then will the court commission an expert to check the authenticity.

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Before Bushido talks about the recording, he gives the court a copy of an email history from January 12, 2018, which he had with a 'Zeit' editor for an interview. There were inconsistencies here because there were doubts as to when Bushido had contact with the woman. About this one Interview Arafat was upset at the time.

Also, the rapper brought copies of his WhatsApp history with Arafat, which should prove that the beginning of the conversation in the tape recording cannot date from January 18, 2018 .

In the WhatsApp history of December 20, 2017, it can be read that the two want to meet 'to settle accounts' a day later. Which they seem to have done. And that's exactly where the inconsistency lies, according to Bushido: The conversation on the recording begins with the so-called 'accounting' and this is what they would have done on December 21, 2017 – and not on January 18.

In addition, Arafat's secretary, Caro Wenzel, was present at the beginning. One hears that she offers Bushido a coffee, he refuses and apparently goes to the toilet. What goes with it: She, too, had previously testified, claiming that she left earlier on January 18 and would not have seen Bushido.

Arafat laughs at Bushido statement

When the judge asked him whether he had discovered any technical inconsistencies on the tape, the rapper was able to name a very specific passage: In the 37th minute he was 'abruptly interrupted' . In addition, 'the same noise can not be heard' afterwards when Arafat speaks afterwards. That is a reason for Bushido to assume that something has been manipulated here.

'Have you found any other positions?' the judge asks him. Bushido says no, while Arafat laughs out loud and shakes his head.

However, Bushido cannot contribute much more on this day of the trial. The judge interrupted his testimony and would like to hear him again on Wednesday, in the presence of his lawyer. 'I feel better if he sits next to you,' says Mrosk. 'Once I have her as a witness, I won't give her back so easily,' he jokes.

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