Camilla Parker Bowles, chi la dura… stravince

It was the real cause of Diana's unhappiness, who called her 'rottweiler'. She remained ˝the other˝ on the bench for years. Then she reassembled people's dislike. And now, next to her Charles on the throne, she already commands the Palace

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And to think that Diana called her 'rottweiler', while the queen mother spoke of her as 'that horrible woman'. The Kingdom hated her and instead today, according to a YouGov survey, 53 percent of the British think that Camilla will do a good job next to the new King Charles III – Photo | video

Elizabeth of England, the memory of Camilla Parker-Bowles Elizabeth of England, the memory of Camilla Parker-Bowles

Obviously, he can't help it. In his first speech as sovereign, on 9 September, he expressly said so: «I count on the love of my adored wife Camilla. Since we got married she has been my queen consort. I know that she will live up to her role ». In addition to the merits acquired in the field and the proven spirit of 'devoted service', she is the psychological anchor of her husband. The rock. Carlo doesn't have a good character and Camilla, with an excellent sense of humor, releases a calming effect on him.

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SHE IS THE 'BOSS' – Had it not been there, the incident with the fountain pen that made the king nervous would have been incommendable. Julian Payne, the couple's communications secretary between 2016 and 2021, defined Camilla as the 'real boss' of the Palazzo and Carlo's most effective 'secret weapon'. Without her consent nothing moves, apparently. And so it was for the hiring of Payne. Furthermore, the queen consort has the habit of not taking herself too seriously and she will certainly be excellent in her new job because she fully respects her role and institution, without forgetting to keep her feet firmly on the ground. . Practical spirit, in short, as befits a country gentlewoman who adores dogs and horses, minus the gala dinners and grand evening toilets.

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SIMPLE AND PRACTICAL - Her simplicity meant that she didn't bother to get anything more than what, fatally, would have been hers. She is a hard worker, dedicated to charitable causes. She also led a normal life for a long time: she went to the supermarket and took public transport, this helps her in getting closer to people. But from lover to queen, with that 'consort' that many believe is destined to fall, the step was not short. There were two ghosts to reassemble: the unhappy Lady D, who pointed a finger at her in the famous TV interview ('there were three of us in this marriage'), and the unwanted from the palace Wallis Simpson, the reason for Edoardo's abdication VIII who, in order to marry her, threw the Crown to the winds. Camilla has long been considered a new Wallis. Divorced too and capable of unleashing in Charles a love so overwhelming, so lasting, so 'non-negotiable' as he himself described it, as to suggest that he could have given up the throne. «She is the only woman who really understands me», her words. For more than fifty years, the former Mrs. Parker Bowles has permanently occupied her Majesty's heart.

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C'ERA GIA' A PRECEDENT – Since that meeting in 1970 on a polo field –but some say it was «at the house of a mutual friend»–, the story seemed blessed with a dynastic precedent. 'Do you know that my great-grandmother was your great-grandfather's lover?' Camilla said without a shadow of shame. She was referring to the story between Alice Keppel and the one who was later crowned as Edward VII (1901-1910). Whether or not Carlo remembered that instructive kinship, it doesn't matter. The fact is that he began to court the audacious Camilla for a time that proved to be short: just nine months, until he was sent on a mission to the West Indies. Upon return, the bitter surprise: she had become the wife of one of her best friends, Brigadier General Andrew Parker Bowles. It seems that Camilla did not wait because she, as an intelligent woman, had realized that she did not have the requisites for a royal marriage: insufficient dynastic curriculum and non-virginal status, as required at the time. And so Carlo, out of weakness or ambition, or perhaps precisely because his beloved was no longer available, accepts a union in which she does not believe for a single instant. Arranged marriage with two victims: Diana certainly, but so did he. Camilla remains on the bench and accumulates credits: confidant, hidden adviser, stable presence ever since Diana discovers, on the eve of the wedding, that bracelet that her betrothed intends to give to his long-time lover. There are two initials, F and G, Fred and Gladys, the nicknames with which they usually call each other. And judging by a famous phone call in which Carlo said he wanted to be a 'tampax' to be closer to her, ours must have also had a notable erotic charge.

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AND AFTER THE DIVORCES OF BOTH… – After her divorce in 1995 and his the following year, the Parker Bowles operation takes off to clean up Camilla's image. It is managed by a pool of public relations experts, headed by Mark Bolland, who was then the prince's deputy private secretary. The strategy of small steps was interrupted by the tragic death of the Princess of Wales in 1997, but then resumed unstoppable. First photos together in Highgrove, first public appearance at the Ritz, her meetings with William and Harry that she will help bring her father closer after the mourning.
In 2005, the wedding. That union in old age, for both, is proof of a feeling without appeal. Certainly both of them cheated, but they did it driven by love. The people do not applaud, but now they understand.

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And so is the queen, who is well aware of the positive effect on her son, who is more stable and self-confident. It is she who definitively legitimizes her daughter-in-law: the appointment of her before her as a member of his Privy Council and therefore, at the beginning of the year, Lady of the Order of the Garter, the oldest and most illustrious in the Kingdom. Then in February, at the opening of the Platinum Jubilee, the sovereign publicly expressed her wish that Camilla be called 'queen consort'. And not 'princess consort', as was thought,
due to the fact that she remained a divorced woman destined for the king (in other times, in fact, this state had even provoked an abdication). Elizabeth's last gesture has the flavor of a moral testament, a vision of continuity in the monarchy.
So for Camilla stra-victory across the board. But perhaps this was not so much what she wanted, because there is no Crown that holds in the face of an unhappy fate. The love of a lifetime is worth a lifetime of struggle and this she did, wanting the only important man in her heart.