Can Yaman, between prejudices and crazy fans: 'If I hadn't been nice I would have been even more successful'

The Turkish actor is back on TV and talks about himself in an interview with Corriere della sera. Like him, he took his first steps as an actor, the expectations of the audience and the necessary determination. And he also talks about his number one fan

 Viola as the sea photocall Can Yaman: 'If I hadn't been beautiful I would have been even more successful' Photo Video

One of the phenomena of recent years: Can Yaman is the 32-year-old Turkish star who wins millions of fans ready to venerate and follow him everywhere. Ten million followers on Instagram and admirers who know all the ins and outs of his life. And now that he is about to return to television, from September 30 on Canale 5 in prime time as an inspector in his new series, Purple like the sea , is told in an interview with Corriere della sera. Where also confesses a macabre habit of the mother ... - Photo | video

Can Yaman also on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival - guard

BEAUTIFUL AND SECCHIOUS - “It is the others who always remind me that I am beautiful, if it were for me, you will have already forgotten. Did beauty help me in my work? If I hadn't been nice I would have been even more successful ”. With these words Can Yaman is keen to go beyond the prejudice that has always accompanied his character. Because he is keen to prove that he is an ambitious and prepared person: 'There are more beautiful people than me, but if the appearance is not accompanied by other virtues such as tenacity, grit, discipline and determination, it doesn't go far. Beauty alone is not enough, as well as talent. Many dream of acting, perhaps even abroad, but I don't know how many are really willing to leave everything: home, family, loved ones and start from scratch in a new country, speaking a new language '.

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HOW IT ALL BEGAN - 'The first series I shot in Turkey came a little by chance and there I realized that it was the job I wanted to do. I don't think about the long term, I do one thing at a time, because even dreams when they get serious get heavy and I don't like to stress myself. Now I hope that Purple like the sea smash the screen, then shoot a new series in English, in Budapest. For the future, I let time fill in the details ”.

MOTHER'S HEART - The Turkish actor then tells of his bond with his mother, his very first fan who never misses an opportunity to rejoice in the achievements of his son, until he has created an altar at home: 'For every success she cries and in her house there is a corner where he puts all my photos, it looks like a museum… or even a little bit of my funeral ”.