Canada, children will be blind: family travels around the world before they lose their sight

The moving story of Edith Lemay and Sebastien Pelletier: three of their four children with retinitis pigmentosa. From Mongolia to Tanzania their journey to discover the most beautiful places. Mom: 'I thought: I'm not going to show him a picture of an elephant, I'm going to show him a real elephant'

 family-1920 Edith Lemay and Sebastien Pelletier with their four children Mia, Leo, Colin and Laurent Photo

See the world before it disappears. Not for everyone, but for you. Indeed for your children. It might seem like an impossible idea, but love does this and more. This is how Canadians Edith Lemay and Sebastien Pelletier decided to travel. With a specific and well-justified goal: to allow three of their children to have memories of the world around them, before the disease they suffer from, retinitis pigmentosa, takes their sight away. - photo

GENETIC DISEASE - Mia, the eldest daughter of 12, was only three when she was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition. A few years later, the discovery that two other children, Colin (now 7 years old) and Laurent (5 years old) also had the same symptoms. Hence the idea of ​​not wasting any more time: leaving to give children 'visual memories' before it was too late. And documenting it all on a Facebook page, The world in their eyes (The world in their eyes). 'We are a family of six who are embarking on a bit of a crazy adventure,' they say of themselves. Leafing through the photos of their voyage of discovery, however, gives a sense of freedom. They portray themselves in the desert of Mongolia, in the mosques of Istanbul, while observing the lions of Tanzania. Traveling on trains of yesteryear, lying on the roof of vans, on the back of a camel or a horse, on top of a mountain, with a desert behind them or immersed in a lake, peaks and underwater. CNN noticed them and told their story, followed by the reports of all the others, starting with Guardian.

THE DISCOVERY - «My little girl asked me:“ Mom, what does it mean to be blind? Will I drive a car? ' - Remember mom Edith - she was five years old. But she was beginning to understand what was happening. ' «I thought - her mother told CNN -:“ I won't show you an elephant in a book, I'll take you to see a real elephant ”.