Cara Delevingne, prison over: the supermodel 'resurrects' at the Paris fashion shows

She had been locked up at home for weeks, the victim of a depression that had scared her friends and fans. But her catwalk made her reborn (until the next twist)

  cara-delevingne-paris-fashion-week Cara Delevingne at Paris Fashion Week to present her capsule collection Photo Video

Simply splendid, not an element out of place: perfect eyebrows, lipstick of the right color, haughty look. Cara Delevingne at Paris fashion week is in great shape, the picture of health. Discounted? Not so. Indeed, it can be said that she is resurrected. – Photo | video

Cara Delevingne and the shocking confession for the farewell to the catwalks: 'Fashion has led me to hate my body'. Watch the video Cara Delevingne and the shocking confession for her farewell to the catwalks: 'Fashion has led me to hate my body'. Watch the video

Fear for Cara Delevingne 'locked in the house for days'. Margot Robbie in tears after seeing her- guard

IN A CONFUSIONAL STATE – On September 5, filmed at the Los Angeles airport, the supermodel looked practically different: disheveled if not dirty hair, a haunted look, plus she wandered around the airport like a soul in pain. The Sun , then, he had put his own into it, reporting how Delevingne would have been dropped from Jay-Z's private plane on which she was shoeless, with dirty socks and unable to control her movements. The video of Cara version clochards had gone around the web with very worried fans. Not to mention her friend Margot Robbie (the future film Barbie), seen leaving her house in Los Angeles in tears because Cara hadn't left the house for days. Margot had a bag with her that seemed to be full of medicines. And for Delevingne it wasn't even the first episode of burn out.

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THE PREVIOUS EPISODE – The model had already expressed moments of discomfort: it had happened a few weeks earlier, during the Burning Man Festival  in Nevada. There she would not wash for days and she would not eat either. But Cara, 42.9 million followers on Instagram, is not new to episodes of fragility. Already in 2015, at just 23, he declared that he could no longer bear the stress of the fashion shows and had decided to leave them. She also declaring that she had come to hate her body and that her stress had triggered a strong form of psoriasis. A continuous up and down emotional. Recently you even declared: “P I thought I wouldn't live to this age, I thought I'd die sooner.'

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IN PARIS FOR HIS COLLECTION – Now, or rather for now, Cara Delevingne seems healed. In Paris you presented the s ua capsule collection  Cara Loves Karl (Karl is Karl Otto Lagerfeld, of course). She and she is perfect in a black suit with a plunging neckline and stiletto heels. There is nothing else to add (save for the next episodes…).

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