Carlo Alberto dalla Chiesa, Rai postpones its fiction. The son Nando: 'It is a setback to his memory' - exclusive

The series was supposed to air 40 years after the Via Carini massacre, in Palermo. But Rita is a candidate in the elections on 25 September. The brother has no doubts: 'Excessive choice'. And she opens the album of memories, exclusively on Today at newsstands

 CARLO ALBERTO DALLA CHIESA, WIFE EMILIA General Carlo Alberto dalla Chiesa with his three children Rita, Simona and Nando, who embraces their mother Emilia

The sociologist Nando dalla Chiesa, son of the general killed by the mafia 40 years ago in Palermo, in an interview with Oggi talks about what has changed or hasn't changed since then and comments on Rai's decision to postpone mass until after the elections broadcast of the fiction in four episodes starring Sergio Castellitto. The reason? Among the candidates in the elections on 25 September there is also Sister Rita dalla Chiesa: 'An unfortunate decision, an excessive choice. It's a setback to my father's memory ', says Nando, who adds:' TV gives great popularity, but Rita already has it, it won't be a series to give her another ... I was asked to reread the script and we agreed also on the poetic licenses necessary for a product for the general public. I was very keen on TV drama because it is popular narration, a powerful message ”.

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 ! P! Today! IS! 0036.2022! N! 36 SANDRELLI COVER! E! .Pdf DIVIDED BY POLICY - When asked if he is not embarrassed, he from the center-left, to have a sister candidate in the center-right, replies: 'But it has always been like this: me, Rita, Simona, three brothers who love and get along well but who have different ideas . Then, center-right… it is not. Rita has always been Berlusconi, because of her work, for having seen Berlusconi in action as the creator of Fininvest. She is non-aligned ”.

'MY FATHER WAS THE STATE THAT DOESN'T ESCAPE' - “He was the state that does not run away: against the Nazis, the BR, the mafia. He is one of those figures whose public memory, almost as a paradox, grows with the passage of time. It happened with Falcone and Borsellino and it happens again now: I have never seen so many appointments and celebrations as for this 40th anniversary ”. What has changed since then in the fight against the mafia? “The problem remains the politics that does not take its responsibilities. We are witnessing an electoral campaign in which there is no mention of the mafia. Everyone knows that billions of European funds will arrive ... that the clans are less strong but that the pro-mafia society has grown. In a similar situation, a country is mobilizing: but no ”.