Carlo Maria Martini, his 'guardian angel' tells it ten years after his death - exclusive

“Would you feel like accompanying me until I die?”. A request to which Don Damiano Modena could not refuse. And so began a story that lasted three years. Until the last smile, on a day of pouring rain. As he himself tells on the weekly Oggi on newsstands

 carlo-maria-martini-damiano-modena Carlo Maria Martini (1927-2012) with Don Damiano Modena, now 53 years old Photo Video

'Do you feel like accompanying me until I die?' This was the request that Don Damiano Modena, a provincial priest, had received from Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, suffering from Parkinson's. And so from September 2009 to August 2012 he had become the 'guardian angel' of one of the greatest minds of the Church, as the priest told Oggi on newsstands. With some feeling of inadequacy: «I confided to him: father, a Bible scholar cannot find comfort in a little priest who only knows about moral theology, after a while he will get tired of talking to me about things I don't understand, I will never be an incentive to she. Answer: “Don't worry. I deal with my stimuli. You just help me”» – Photo | video

The funeral of Carlo Maria Martini: the embrace of all his Milan The funeral of Carlo Maria Martini: the embrace of all his Milan

The funeral of Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini: the embrace of his Milan - guard

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 !P!Today!IS!0040.2022!N!40 COVER INCONTRADA!E!.pdf “WHEN IT BECOME MUTE” - So Don Damiano had tried to alleviate the suffering of the last years of Martini's life. «At Easter 2010 he lost his voice. The man of the Word became dumb. It was a personal tragedy. I thought he would die soon. He, on the other hand, stayed with us for more than two years.' Originally from Veronese and at the time parish priest in the Salerno area, the priest had interpreted his role in an unconventional way so as to earn the nickname of 'our clown' from the cardinal. “I tried to look like him. The disease caused him to lose his grip on objects. A glass slipped from his hand, it was a drama for him. In turn, I dropped another on the ground, which shattered to pieces. “But you're crazy!” he exclaimed. Was he tripping? I pretended to trip too.' They had met in 2003, when Don Damiano had brought him his thesis about him: 'He had read it and told me:' My thoughts on justice are missing. Add it. I care about it'. And he had concluded: “I am not worthy of such a great job”. It was 350 pages». Lastly, Don Damiano recalls: «Martini founded his faith on reasoned Scripture. Six months before he died, while he was celebrating Mass, he said to us: 'Even if I didn't find anything in the afterlife, I would be equally happy to have been here with you' ».

Carlo Maria Martini, his life in images – guard

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