Carlotta Mantovan talks about her daughter Stella: 'She has the same smile as her father, Fabrizio Frizzi'

The journalist talks about the eldest daughter she had in 2013 from the famous TV presenter who died five years later. And she says of him: 'she was the honest, nice, sincere person you saw on TV'

 Carlotta-Mantovan Carlotta Mantovan confesses to Verissimo

Carlotta Mantovan confesses on TV and talks about her little Stella, the daughter of Fabrizio Frizzi, who died in 2018: 'When I see her smile, I see him'. - private photo | video 1 | video 2 | video 3 | video 4 | video 5

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Carlotta Mantovan, the sea in winter with her daughter Stella is very sweet. And how Fabrizio Frizzi's little girl grew up! – guard

MY STRENGTH - The journalist is a guest of the living room of very true . And she tells how special the relationship that binds her to her daughter is: “She is my strength, the engine of my life. She has Fabrizio's smile, joy and hands. When I see her smile, I see him.'

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AN ONEST PERSON - The unforgettable TV host died in 2018, when Stella was really still very small. Carlotta remembers him like this: “she was the honest, nice, sincere person you saw on TV. Simplicity and a smile were her distinctive trait, but behind that smile there was a lot of study. He was a great worker.' And she reveals: “With Stella we talk about him every day. When we see a meadow of yellow flowers we say hello to dad because it was his favorite color. We see it in the little things.'

To all love Carlotta Mantovan and her daughter Stella: the little girl has the same sweet smile of her father Fabrizio Frizzi… – guard