Carlotta Rossignoli doctor at 23 years old. The enfant prodige and the criticisms: what you need to know

Brilliant student: graduated a year early. But she is also a model, influencer, TV presenter. She broke out the controversy: 'How did she do it?'. The university is forced to specify. Selvaggia Lucarelli's doubts, but the virologist Burioni: 'she will make a career'

  carlotta rossignoli1920 Carlotta Rossignoli, 23, graduated in Medicine a year early Photo

The story of Carlotta Rossignoli, a 23-year-old medical graduate and successful model and influencer at the same time, continues to cause discussion. The young Veronese graduated with 110 cum laude and honorable mention in Medicine at the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University in Milan, after taking her classical high school diploma with 100 cum laude a year early, and this without giving up everything the rest. – photo

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THE CONTROVERSY - On social networks, many did not like it, there was talk of a 'toxic narrative' and controversy arose about how he managed to graduate early (something not allowed in state universities for medical courses), so much so as to force the university of Milan to specify in a way that is not convincing for everyone: 'The student did not take advantage of an abbreviated procedure and therefore ahead of the times established by law, but she obtained the Master's Degree in Medicine and Surgery during the first semester of the sixth year, rather than at the end of the same, an option that every UniSR student has the right to ask for”.

ALSO INFLUENCERS - Carlotta (father a banker, mother a housewife but - it turns out - also an heiress) who in 2017 had already been awarded by President Mattarella as Standard bearer of work, in an interview with Corriere della Sera explained the secret of his performance as a true enfant prodige. “I have a roadmap that I respect without distractions – he said – and a wonderful family that supports me in everything… The fact of not getting enough sleep helps me, for me sleep is wasted time, and a good memory. Then there is a third secret: I have a great desire to do. When I was in session, under examination, I studied from 6 in the morning until even 2 in the morning'. Meanwhile, with the spotlight on the story, Carlotta Rossignoli's Instagram profile has shot up to 40,000 followers. Even before the outcry caused, the Veronese student was very popular because she is also a model and she alternates study with the 'career' of presenter in a sports program on Telenuovo, the local broadcaster in Verona. Sport is another of her passions: she ran the 80 meter flat, in 11 seconds and 68 cents.

LUCARELLI AGAINST - Even important figures ended up taking a stand on the matter. Wild Lucarelli was particularly fierce. “The point is that this celebration of the Carlotta Rossignoli miracle does not take into account the starting condition of this brilliant student, i.e. the enormous amount of tools she has and has at her disposal. Which are not the tools of any student eager to graduate in record time”, writes Lucarelli. In fact, explains the blogger and journalist, the student attended a paid high school with an international program, graduated in English from a private university 'which allowed her to shorten the process, with a tuition of up to 20,000 euros l 'year”, she attended English courses in Cambridge and has been traveling the world since she was a child. “Her success is pursued with commitment, of course, but also with the means” concludes Lucarelli.

THE DEFENSE OF BURIONI - Instead, the famous virologist Roberto Burioni, who is also a professor at San Raffaele, defended Carlotta: 'I'm very happy, and I wish Carlotta all the best for her career, which I'm sure will be brilliant. All the rest – watches, miniskirts, exotic trips and so on – are bar talk or personal life choices of our students that in no way concern us. Even those who hate San Raffaele the most cannot fail to recognize that the preparation of our graduates is excellent and without discounts”.

COURSE FRIENDS - The piqued letter from the classmates of the model student remains: “We would like to know – it reads – how it is possible for you to graduate before everyone else. We would also like to know how it is possible that he was able to do, and did, the fifth year together with the courses and exams of the sixth, how he was able to do in advance the rotations that only now the class could do, such as his 8 year thesis project months ended in October when we were only allowed to start in May 2022 (implying that it could not finish before December 2022).”