Cate Blanchett, the woman who loves women lands in Venice ... but only at the cinema

The Australian diva lands at the Venice Film Festival. She turned into a gay icon for her interpretations of her as a lesbian. But she is surprised. Because 'I also played an elf, but that's not why I'm immortal'

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Ferragamo shoes, tailored suits, scarves, Van Cleef & Arpels jewels, vintage handbag on the arm, chic, unresolved and courageous, yet also revolutionary: Cate Blanchett in Carol she is a bourgeois close to divorce who falls in love with a saleswoman, aspiring photographer, Therese, in the 1950s. No one has forgotten it anymore - Photo | video

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EVERYBODY IS WAITING FOR IT AT THE LANDING - No wonder that at the Venice Film Festival ( go to the special ) are waiting for you at the gate: critics and cinephiles and the LGBTQ + community - all curious and anxious - for your new film Warehouse , in competition in Venice 79. Blanchett is Lydia Tár, one of the greatest conductors in the world and certainly the greatest in Germany. The environment is competitive and male chauvinist. She must always prove that she is good, that she is up to the role, that she really knows the music (but no? We have already heard this one). Plus she falls in love with two musicians. The trailer does not talk about all this. On the contrary, it speaks of a pandemic, of bees, of the challenges that await us. There is no life of Lidya Tár that in the trailer she dresses simple, in light green and she appears unadorned, the opposite of Carol, with her wavy hairstyle and charming hair. From Venice they keep their mouths sewn together, but there is certainly this: that Blanchett will be very good in this new role of hers with (also) a homosexual theme.

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GAY ICON - Blanchett from the days of Carol is a gay icon, very proud of it. When she posed with Nicole Kidman in a jacket and pants and a boyish hair in 2019, the web appreciated a lot, the actress is very popular with the homosexual community. Many, as they write on the web, 'had butterflies in their stomachs', loving what is called her 'lesbian aesthetic'. In a video from 2020, Blanchett jokingly said aloud: 'I'm a lesbian', I'm a lesbian. It happened during a live Instagram with Sarah Paulson, pansexual, icon of American Horror Story e co-star in Mrs America . Moreover, speaking of Mrs America (which chronicles the feminist movement USA), Blanchett has remained a gay icon, although in the series she plays the ultra-conservative Phyllis Stewart Schlafly, married for 44 years to the same man and mother of six children. She is practically the only point of contact between the two. Blanchett has been married since 1997 (25 years of marriage) to playwright Andrew Upton, a bearded gentleman who looks like everyone's neighbor, they have four children and live in the Victorian home of Sir Conan Doyle, the inventor of Sherlock Holmes, Highwell House. They also have a wing intended for their collection of works of art.

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'IF YOU INTERPRET AN ELF IT IS NOT THAT YOU ARE IMMORTAL ...' - One of the many times she was asked about her marriage, she replied: 'With my husband I won the lottery and consequently with my family.' Yes, Cate Blanchett is not homosexual. At the time of Carol a statement in Variety magazine in which he said he loved many women caused a sensation. Much to the disappointment of those who wanted it fluid, she Cate she said more or less this: she that she had loved them, that she still loves women very much but not in that sense there. “I was deeply shocked by the questions that came to me about my personal sexual inclination. When I played an elf, no one asked me if I was immortal. I never thought about a character with respect to a gender, but about her humanity of her », she said later.

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And of characters of all kinds, the chameleon, multiform Blanchett has interpreted in an impressive quantity. To count them, her films are over 50; Oscar nominations reach seven. Throughout her long career - and using rude as well as effective popular jargon - she has always given a blow to the hoop and a blow to the barrel. For a movie like Manifesto , in which he plays 13 different roles representing 13 different posters, in short, a robina, there is another film like Thor - Ragnarock in which she enjoyed playing the villain Hela. At Marvel, you know, no star now says no. For a movie like Blue Jasmine by Woody Allen who earned her the Oscar is the role of Galadriel in Lord of the Rings . A small part but a capital role: everyone still has it there, well imprinted in the cinematic heart. And then there are the TV incursions: in addition to Mrs America , for example, there is Rake , where she had a lot of fun playing the brilliant cameo of a somewhat alcoholic and lesbian lawyer (obviously loved by the gay community). But let's go back to the Oscars won: the first of her, supporting actress, was for the role of Katharine Hepburn in the blockbuster The Aviator by Scorsese. La Hepburn: or the forerunner of the genderless style, with her irreverent gaze and men's clothing. And perhaps this is the right comparison, the best that can be made: she like Hepburn. Because Cate is not a gay icon. She is an icon.