Caterina Balivo and her game show: “I don't understand why the quizzes are all conducted by men” - exclusive

The presenter lands on La7 with “Lingo-parole at stake” and has no “performance anxiety”. “I'm very good at playing down at work and with my husband”, she tells Today on newsstands. 'Except with my children', towards which she magnifies banal fears.

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«Performance anxieties for the debut in a game show on La7? But no - answers Caterina Balivo - I have strong nerves. And it will always be me, jovial, with my gaffes, trying to be empathetic with competitors. If you think about it, the quizzes are run by males: Flavio Insinna, Amadeus, Gerry Scotti, Paolo Bonolis. For heaven's sake, maybe doing it I'll say: 'I understand why there are only men' '- Photo | video | video 1

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 !P!Oggi!IS!0037.2022!N!37 COVER ELODIE!E!.pdf Caterina Balivo, interviewed by Oggi, on newsstands tomorrow, talks about 'Lingo - Words at stake' and confides: 'I am very good at playing down at work and with my husband but not with my children', towards whom, she says, it magnifies banal fears. Speaking of her husband, she unbalances herself with irony: 'If one is aware that family relationships resemble a tightrope that can always break, well, then the relationship works.'

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