Cathy Hummels posts emotional lines online: 'It makes me sad'

 Cathy Hummels likes to share her thoughts with her Instagram community. Cathy Hummels likes to share her thoughts with her Instagram community. Bild: Screenshot Instagram/cathyhummels

Cathy Hummels is a moderator, leads among other things through the TV format 'Kampf der Realitystars' and also works as an author and entrepreneur. To her many fields of activity comes Instagram added. With almost 700,000 followers, she has built up a strong community on the image and video platform. She also regularly lets her followers participate in her everyday life.

Cathy also uses Instagram as a mouthpiece for her community: she keeps posting her thoughts on topics such as body positivity, bullying and depression. In addition, she often makes fun of headlines that are circulating about her. This week she shared a post centered around her son.

Cathy Hummels sad: her son is growing up so quickly

More than four years ago, Cathy and soccer player Mats Hummels became parents: their son Ludwig was born in January 2018. Since then, Cathy has made it clear how much he means to her, often referring to him as her love her life.

Cathy and Ludwig recently spent a few days together at Disneyland Paris . Spending time with her son also prompted her to write this thoughtful post:

'We are an unbeatable team: my son and I. I would like to freeze the moments when he says things and makes me smile. I really hate that time flies sometimes. Life is finite. Makes me It's sad because it also means that at some point it's all just over.'
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In addition, Cathy Hummels also published a series of photos on which she can be seen alone, but also with her son. Her Fans they tried to cheer up under the post. 'We can enjoy and appreciate what we have' and 'Dear Cathy, please don't think about what is ephemeral, but what is infinite, that's love,' were two comments, for example.

Cathy Hummels defends herself against criticism

From time to time, Cathy also has to put up with criticism when it comes to her dealings with her son. Above all, the fact that she kisses him on the mouth does not suit many. However, Cathy is not deterred and said on the internet: 'Enjoy your weekend and spread lots of kisses and love to yours children . My boy will be kissed by me for as long as he wants.'