Cathy Hummels upsets fans with fashion faux pas: 'There should be limits'

  On Instagram, Cathy Hummels lets her almost 700,000 followers share in her life and her emotional world. On Instagram, Cathy Hummels lets her almost 700,000 followers share in her life and her emotional world. Bild: screenshot instagram / cathyhummels

Cathy and Mats Hummels have been dominating the headlines for months: According to rumors, the celebrity couple is said to be after 15 years relationship have separated. In July, the report even made the rounds that the two should have filed for divorce. An official statement is still missing, but Cathy's behavior awakens many Fans the impression that something is wrong. The 'Battle of the Reality Stars' moderator posts again and again Instagram ominous comments and cryptic statements that could be taken as a nod to their breakup.

The 34-year-old not only likes to leave cryptic messages on the image and video platform, but also regularly presents herself in different outfits and celebrates her love for Mode . But the looks are not always well received by their followers – Cathy often has to take criticism, as for her last fashion experiment.

Cathy Hummels wears a traditional Black Forest hat

'I found this hat in the middle of the Black Forest,' wrote the presenter under her current photo on Instagram, where she looks into the camera with a serious expression. What is meant is the so-called Bollenhut, which is an integral part of the Black Forest costume. The straw hat owes its name to the 14 red wool balls that are sewn onto it.

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The headgear is now worn for traditional events and processions - but rarely for Instagram photos. At least some Instagram users criticize this in Cathy's comment column. 'It's not possible at all! As a woman from the Black Forest, I feel cheated,' commented a follower angrily. 'With all due respect, these pictures are not only tasteless, but also disrespectful! They trample on a 225-year tradition that has been preserved to this day, just to stay in the permanent advertising loop,' said another.

Outrage on the net: look like 'from the Rocky Horror Picture Show'

The fact that Cathy didn't combine the Bollenhut with a traditional costume, but with a white shirt and a long, black coat, also met with rejection from some fans:

'Unfortunately, everything is out of place. It looks stiff, disguised - more like from the 'Rocky Horror Picture Show''.

Another follower noted: 'Combining the hat with conventional clothing is a no-go. I love my homeland and my tradition and there should be limits somewhere.' Another confirmed that Cathy's clothes would become 'more and more obscure'.

Fans suspect deeper meaning

However, some fans suspect much more than just a fashion faux pas behind the post. A follower suspected that the presenter would distract herself from her pain with her online appearance: 'You need a lot of attention right now.'

'Leave this defiant, adolescent, meaningless and advice-resistant post of trivialities' , wrote another user. 'Just take a break, think about the meaning of life and enjoy the time alone with your son.'