Cecilia Rodriguez and Ignazio Moser get married. Thus the romantic yes between candles and hearts

The model, Belen's sister, and the former cyclist have come to the point after five years of love. And he on Instagram very romantically (if not now when?) wrote: 'I can't wait to live you for life!'

  ignazio-moser-cecilia-rodriguez-proposta-anello Cecilia Rodriguez and Ignazio Moser: they are getting married! Here is the ring Photo Video

After five years, their story began in 2017 at Big Brother VIP , Cecilia Rodriguez and Ignazio Moser get married. Many were waiting for them at the gate and finally the former cyclist and the young model gave them great satisfaction. They announced to the world (obviously via Instagram as the strict new digital rules dictate) that he made the proposal and, yes, she said “yes” – Photo | video

Cecilia Rodriguez, Ignazio Moser asks her hand like this Cecilia Rodriguez, Ignazio Moser asks her hand like this

Cecilia Rodriguez, how much is sensual! - guard

“I CAN'T WAIT TO LIVE YOU FOR A LIFETIME” - Moser jr, son of the great champion Francesco Moser, wrote very romantically on his social network: “…and she said yes. I look forward to living you for life!” (on the other hand, if you are not romantic when there is a marriage proposal when?, one might say. As an accompaniment to the sentence (or if you want the opposite) a video with the engagement ring and a path lights and hearts. The two, judging from the pictures, seem to be in the mountains. At father Moser's house? It would certainly be possible: at Today the cycling champion had said that he had his son and Cecilia as guests during the lockdown and that he was very fond of her. A proper girl and full of kindness, he summed up the champion. While sighing -  but this is another story - for Ignazio's choice to be a model and influencer rather than a cyclist, since cycling is a family passion.

Ignazio shows his abs and she… - guard

A LOVE THAT FEW HAD BET ON – When Cecilia and Ignazio were engaged to Big Brother VIP no one would have bet the famous cheese penny on the duration of the story. Cecilia, Belén's younger sister, had been engaged to Francesco Monte for four years and she had just left him on live TV. Let alone, the evil ones had said to each other: the farewell and the new engagement... everything was certainly combined to create an audience. And instead nothing was fake, love was real. On the other hand, Ignazio and Cecilia really have the reputation of being respectable. When Strip he had given Ignazio the tapir for an alleged price meet you Cecilia and the former Monte in 2018, Ignazio had behaved like a great gentleman (and obviously he hadn't believed one iota of the 'accusations'). Such a couple (even if elegantly subdued which in the world of VIPs is like being in front of a unicorn) could only work. And who knows if Moser sr will soon become a grandfather.

Is Cecilia Rodriguez pregnant? – guard

CONDUTTORI ON THE BEACH - Meanwhile, the two will be presenters on TV with the programme Ex On The Beach Italia , now in its fourth season and available on the Paramount + streaming service. The expected date to take note of is November 30th. Ten boys and ten girls leave for a breathtaking location, only to 'ruin' the holiday of the chosen ones will be an ex. And who better than an iron couple (and now, with the yes let's find out how much of  iron) could lead such a ... destabilizing program?

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