Cecilia Rodriguez disappears from social media and fans go crazy: she is pregnant!

The showgirl disappears and rumors about her pregnancy return. That have been chasing each other for some time. Until she is the one to clarify. Or rather, to answer cryptically ...

 cecilia-rodriguez-ignazio-moser-venezia-1012x506 Cecilia Rodriguez and Ignazio Moser, a long love story Photo Video

Cecilia Rodriguez disappears from social networks a few days and fans are already shouting at the dreamed (from followers) pregnancy. A bit like it would have happened to Aurora Ramazzotti who silenced social media to enjoy an intimate and private moment. And instead… - Photo | video

Cecilia Rodriguez is pregnant! That rounded belly unleashes the fans ... and Ignazio Moser - guard

A HEALTH DIET - Ignazio Moser's girlfriend actually took a little break, canceled some worldly commitments and went to bed. With a series of Instagram stories, which portray her in pajamas at home, the Argentine told fans that she had not been well and had gone on a diet. “I just wanted to let you know,” she said on Instagram, “that I'm officially on a diet. A diet not to lose weight but a diet to heal, I also rhyme ».

Ignazio Moser talks about his malaise: 'I neglected my mental health' - guard

I WILL BE GOOD, I WILL DO GOOD - Cecilia Rodriguez then continues «Nothing I wanted to tell you as you have seen in recent weeks, that I have not been well, the time has come for me to take care of myself. And then nothing, specific diet: I'll be good, I'll be good '.

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