'Chaosumlage': Jens Spahn becomes clear in 'Maybrit Illner'.

 Jens Spahn (CDU) represented"Maybrit Illner" die Position der Opposition. Jens Spahn (CDU) represented the position of the opposition on 'Maybrit Illner'. Image: screenshot zdf

The burden on consumers was promptly relieved: Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced a reduction in VAT on the planned gas levy this Thursday.

According to Green leader Omid Nouripour, this is just the beginning. At 'Maybrit Illner' he campaigned for another relief package that was ready for discussion on the coalition table. And Nouripour was also open to an excess profit tax.

Entrepreneur Arndt G. Kirchhoff warned against such steps and described the proposal as 'populist'.

These were the guests at 'Maybrit Illner' on August 18th:

Source: watson.de