Charlène Wittstock and Albert of Monaco, what a surprise! Tenderness is back

The princes laid the foundation stone for a refuge for endangered animals. And they did not skimp on affection: they held each other hand in hand, exchanged confidences ...

 alberto-monaco-charlene-wittstock-rifugio-animali Charlène Wittstock and Albert of Monaco, affection is back Photo Video

Here they are again, Charlène Wittstock and Albert of Monaco, united by their love for animals. While the twins Gabriella and Jacques are at school, the princess and her husband go up to Peille, an ancient and small village perched on the rock that divides Montecarlo from Menton. - Photo | video

Charlène Wittstock is back in public with Albert of Monaco and their children Jacques and Gabriella. And she is even witty ... - guard

ALWAYS ELEGANT - Perfect in its simplicity - moccasins, black trousers, white shirt - Charlène with her husband laid the first stone of a refuge at the Spa of Monaco, which is not a wellness center, but the acronym of Société Protectrice des Animaux, an association that protects animals in danger. Charlène, who collects offices, has become the president of this Spa.

Charlène Wittstock talks about her illness: “The forces are returning, that's how I really am

MUCH LOVE - And for once there was some affection between the two: they held hands upon arrival and during the official photos, they exchanged smiles and, messing up the etiquette a little, confidences in the ear. In short, love is on a comeback. Unless it's all a scene.