Charlène Wittstock is back in public with Albert of Monaco and their children Jacques and Gabriella. And she even plays witty ...

The full princes celebrate U Cavagnatü (literally: the basket), which closes the summer season. She comes in “nuptial” white, her children are perfectly coordinated. Also on social networks ...

 charlene-wittstock-cavagnato-1920 Charléne, picnic with the whole family ... in a wedding dress Photo Video

Charlène Wittstock and Albert of Monaco return to show themselves in public with the twins Jacques and Gabriella, who at 7 are increasingly masters of their 'job' as princes. The occasion is special: 'U Cavagnatü', which in Monegasque means 'the basket'. But which is also the party, or rather the picnic with which the end of summer is celebrated, resisting the onslaught of melancholy. The last one was held in 2019, the pandemic had canceled the 2020 and 2021 appointments. - Photo | video

Charlène Wittstock talks about her illness: “The forces are returning, that's how I really am

IN WHITE - In short, there is a desire to recover at the Parc Princesse Antoinette. Charlène is in white, with a Terrence Bray lace dress that fits her perfectly, and she looks almost like a wedding dress. The princess joked and talked for a long time with her daughter Gabriella (dressed as Jacadi, like Jacques: the twins are in perfect during ), and offered smiles to the little subjects who approached for a souvenir photo, and cheered with conviction the young people who gave a brilliant recital of folk dance. But then that air of invincible sadness always returns to her face.

 304637295_817212283057755_1883748969435946814_n Charlene Wittstock in lemon yellow responds to rumors of (impossible) new pregnancy - guard

COMPLICITY BETWEEN MEN - The ceremony, which ended with a mass, also saw Alberto and Jacques exchange several signs of complicity. And now, the 'basket' goes to the attic: summer is ending (rain is expected in Munich for a week), ahead of autumn. But Charlène is back in a big way also on social networks, from where she had been missing for exactly two months. You have published two 'home' photos of the twins, who sport a very original haircut. It is artisanal: she conceived and implemented it - for herself and her brother - Gabriella herself for the beginning of school. You see the result who .

Charlène Wittstock elegant in black by Pope Francis. Choice of protocol or is it a message for Albert of Monaco? - guard