Charlène Wittstock talks about her illness: 'The forces are returning, that's how I really am'

The princess reveals her real health conditions after the great fear of infection. And she also reveals that she has started playing sports again. In short, good news. Even if someone points out that she still never smiles

 2022 Monaco E-Prix Round 6 Charlène Wittstock with her husband Albert of Monaco and their twin children, Jacques and Gabriella Photo Video

Charlène Wittstock lives an August away from the spotlight. She spends her family holidays with Albert of Monaco and his children Gabriella and Jacques, also to recover the fifteen months in which, first in South Africa and then in a European clinic, she was cured of a serious ear, nose and throat infection. In an interview with You of the South African magazine News 24 reveals new details about how she is now. With a special dedication to husband and children: 'I went through a difficult period, but I was lucky enough to be supported and loved by my husband, my children and my family, from which I draw all my strength' - Photo | video

Charlene Wittstock in lemon yellow responds to rumors of (impossible) new pregnancy - guard

RECOVER THE RELATIONSHIP WITH THE CHILDREN - 'My daily life now revolves around my children', continues the princess who, however, adds: 'They have been very busy with their activities: sailing, courses on the marine environment, the first contact with diving and maritime rescue. '. She thus reveals a little distance from the growing children.

Charlene Wittstock smiling again (alone) in Munich - guard

'I AM GOOD, BUT THE ROAD IS LONG' - Charlène then gave some details about her health: “I feel much stronger physically. The road has been long, difficult and painful. I don't want to go too fast, but today I feel calmer ”. And she slowly returns to the much-loved sport: before marrying Alberto she was an Olympic swimmer. A little bit of swimming and a little bit of the gym without exaggerating.

Charlotte Casiraghi (in her slip) lights up the Ballo della Rosa. And Charlene Wittstock shines ... for absence - guard

'I AM DEEP CHRISTIAN' - Then he returns to the theme of converting from Protestant to Catholic in order to marry Alberto: “I am deeply Christian and it was an honor and privilege to meet Pope Francis in the Vatican. I shared a solemn and emotional moment with my husband. Faith has guided me in the difficult moments of my life ”. The official activities, especially related to charity, also resume: 'It is very important for us to support all the causes and projects that are important to us, be they our respective foundations, the Monegasque Red Cross or the well-being of children and our elderly' .