Charles of England and the coronation: cut guests, costs and more antiquated rites. But there are those who argue against it

The king is planning a short and inexpensive ceremony. In the center will be Camilla, queen consort, and William prince of Wales. But there are those who do not agree with this light version. And they are not few

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A discounter coronation. It will cost taxpayers much less than his mother's in 1953, because King Charles doesn't want to look like a megalomaniac and in times of hardship - between skyrocketing inflation and the gas crisis - you can't throw luxuries and splendor in people's faces. This seems to be the direction of the ceremony, which will probably take place on 2 or 3 June next year at Westminster Abbey in London – Photo | video

Kate Middleton with Charles of England and the future queen Camilla Parker-Bowles: what a tune! Video Kate Middleton with Charles of England and the future queen Camilla Parker-Bowles: what a tune! Video

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MODERN CEREMONY – Elizabeth's was based almost entirely on her father's coronation in 1937, which in turn modeled that of George V in 1911. It is therefore clear that the event needs to be modernised. Carlo wants to reflect his idea of ​​a light monarchy and wants the ceremony to be more concise, it will last only one hour instead of the three canonical ones. The invited guests will not be 8,000 but around 2,000, therefore not all members of parliament and lords will receive the invitation. A little modernity also in the costumes. The members of the House of Lords will not wear the ceremonial robe, but probably a morning suit, the day dress which is also called morning suit. And even the king will not change his outfit several times as Elizabeth II did. “No ceremonial cape. Those are better off in museums”, commented to the Mail on Sunday Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Mather who dealt with some aspects of the organization. Certain parts considered out of time will also be eliminated, such as the presentation of gold bars to the king and the so-called Court of Claims, in which it was decided which lord had the right to have a role in the ceremony.

Charles and Camilla, first trip to Scotland as king and queen – guard

THE TRADITION THAT REMAINS – Some rites will be maintained because they are sacred. For example, the anointing of the sovereign who will swear to become the defender of the faith, a role entrusted to him by God. This part was the only one not filmed by television in 1953. In the procession that will follow the coronation he will the Gold State Coach also appeared, the 1762 gilded carriage that had been refurbished for the Platinum Jubilee. The Prince of Wales, William, will play a central role, although we don't yet know which one. And of course Camilla, queen consort, will also be crowned.

Charles of England, the optimism of the king: “There are hopes for the reconciliation between Harry and William

THE CONTROVERSY OF HISTORIANS – Not everyone took kindly to this shortened version of the ceremony, which would be a wasted opportunity to project Britain and the soft power of the monarchy on a global stage. The Queen's funeral has attracted thousands of tourists to London and so could the coronation.
“It could be a celebration that we really need after having had a difficult winter – commented the historian Andrew Roberts – The coronation is a rare event and these things must be done well”. Some argue that a subdued ceremony could make the king seem less authoritarian than his mother. The royal biographer Ingrid Seward, on the other hand, praised Charles: “Times have changed, we are in the middle of the war, the king was good at reading the mood of the people. It will be a magnificent event but adapted to the present day”.