Charles of England and the new portrait that means only one thing: there is no more room for Harry and Meghan

The photo was taken at Buckingham Palace on the eve of Queen Elizabeth's funeral. The message is clear: here is the present and the future of the British monarchy. The crown is in good hands. The four royals are dressed in mourning but Kate is radiant even in black

  carlo-camilla-william-kate Carlo and Camilla with William and Kate: for the English tabloids they are the new fantastic four, without Harry and Meghan Photo Video

Every real photograph tells a story. Made up of symbolism, references to the past, hidden tributes to previous rulers. This image, the first portrait of the king with the queen consort and the new princes of Wales, conveys a message of unity and continuity of the monarchy, but it also means something else: there is no more room for Harry and Meghan. From the series, the fantastic four have changed – Photo | video

William and Kate, Harry and Meghan together in Windsor to greet the crowds William and Kate, Harry and Meghan together in Windsor to greet the crowds

Harry of England had an idea to make peace with the Windsors. But nobody took it well… – guard

THE NEW FAB FOURS – The Fantastic Four or the new Fab Four. The English press went wild to define the four characters who are today the heart of the British crown. This is the streamlined monarchy that Charles always had in mind. The photo makes it concrete like nothing so far had done. If second son Harry hadn't gone on the run, would he have appeared in this photo? Probably yes. As was present in the image to celebrate the 70th birthday of the then Prince of Wales. But it's done now. The feeling is that not even a reconciliation could readmit the Sussexes into the inner circle of the crown.

Meghan Markle and Harry of England, the new bodyguard is an ex-cop who almost killed his wife – guard

THE INFORMAL POSE – The image was taken at Buckingham Palace, the day before the Queen's funeral. That evening the king was hosting a reception for the powerful of the earth, to which the younger son was not invited because he was 'not working royal'. The smile of the four is striking, even on the occasion of such a painful event. But it's another sign of continuity: the royals are always on duty, the show must go on despite everything and it comes before everything, even the loss of a mother and a grandmother. Even the king smiles and finally allows himself an informal pose, with one hand in his jacket pocket and the other embracing his 'beloved wife', which extinguishes his outbursts of anger and unreasonableness. William and Kate are less affectionate, the Prince of Wales has his hands intertwined, a sign of a pose of expectation and support for his father, body language experts say. Kate is radiant as always, even in mourning. Behind them is a portrait of King George III, the longest-serving male sovereign in British history.

Elizabeth of England, how many details revealed by the death certificate. Here's what we didn't know - guard

THE SUSSEX REACTION – This image will have struck Harry to the heart. There it is, his family, from which he has excluded himself and which seems to do just fine without him. After all, it was precisely the absence of a photo of him on his grandmother's desk during the 2019 Christmas message that infuriated him and started Megxit. Will he get angry, venting himself with some vitriolic utterance, or will he want to reconcile and put an end to the Windsor war? Whatever his decision, one thing is certain: the monarchy is still in good hands.