Charles of England 'fires' his brother Andrew of York: forever banned from the royal family

The prince did not expect it and burst into tears. He still thought he could return to service, but after the friendship with the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and the plea deal with his accuser Virginia Giuffrè, the sovereign wants him to disappear from public life. And so it will be

  queen-elizabeth-andrew-mass-philip-645 Andrew of York had forced his hand at the funeral of Philip of Edinburgh, accompanying his mother Elizabeth to church. But now the king decides, who is his brother Charles ... Photo Video

Naïve (or perhaps arrogant?) as ever, Prince Andrew was biding his time. He hoped people would forget that he was a close friend of a pedophile and that a woman (Virginia Giuffrè) accused him of raping her when he was still a minor. He waited and was convinced that he could return to being a full-time royal with his head held high, next to his brother King Charles III. But it was his brother who shattered his expectations – Photo | video

Elizabeth of England at Mass for Philip: Andrew accompanies her! Elizabeth of England at Mass for Philip: Andrew accompanies her!

When Andrea forced his hand and accompanied his mother Elisabetta against everyone's advice – guard

ANDREA'S TEARS – At his residence in Birkhall, Scotland, a few days before the death of Elizabeth II, Charles had summoned his brother Andrew and explained to him, once and for all, that he would never again return to his public duties, never again would he represent the royal family in official roles and who was now a private citizen. “Go and live your life,” he allegedly told him, according to the Mail on Sunday. Andrea didn't expect it at all. In shock, he would burst into tears. He has already been stripped of military titles, of all the charities of which he was patron and can no longer use the title of royal highness. The decision had been taken by the queen, encouraged by Charles and William, after Andrea had negotiated with Giuffrè with a compensation of over 13 million euros (although the exact figure has not been revealed).

Ghislaine Maxwell, the ex-girlfriend of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, sentenced to 20 years - guard

THE WORRIED FAMILY – For Andrea it was a boulder. He thought everything would pass and he knew the mother was him on his side of him. Elizabeth loved her second son, it is possible that she, under pressure from the Duke of York's insistence, had left some hope of a possible return. But Carlo has always been categorical. Andrea's daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie, have requested a meeting with their uncle the king, begging him to change his mind, because they fear for their father's health. He is depressed, increasingly isolated, lives as a recluse in the Royal Lodge, his residence, together with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, the only one who has remained by her side. But the ruler was adamant.

Andrea di York avoids the trial for sexual abuse by compensating Virginia Giuffrè: she will pay over 10 million (and perhaps not him) – guard

THE ULTIMATE HUMILIATION – Andrea would again burst into tears when he was told that he could not wear military uniform at his mother's funeral. Out of pity, her brother let her wear it for ten minutes when the princes held the wake around Elizabeth's coffin. But the latest humiliation for Andrea is that of having been ousted from the ceremony at the Cenotaph, to honor the fallen. November 11 is Remembrance Day in the UK and the royals will leave a wreath at the Cenotaph, the memorial to the fallen. In the factory that produces poppies, the poppies that the British wear at this time of year to remember the soldiers who died at the front, the garlands of flowers that Prince Harry and Prince Andrew usually left in front of the monument have been removed. Anyone who goes to visit the factory today can no longer see them, as if the two princes no longer belonged to the family.